Photo : Vassan Ramracha

At Guyana's Appellate Court two Judges out of three gave the PNC/ APNU

government an extended political life line to lean on until the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) rule on the PPP appeal. Before I get into legal matters, lets us deal with the behavior and attitudes of the PNC/APNU ‘government’.

The PNC/APNU ‘government ' and its main players, like David Granger and Khemraj Ramjattan, were already signaling that regardless of any court’s decisions against the PNC/APNU party, they will NOT give up power.  

The behavior of these two main characters, Granger and Ramjattan, is like they climbed Mount Roraima guided by a strange bright light and received Mr. Forbes Burnham Commandments (Tablets): “Never give up power to anyone; ignore the court's ruling.” And so, they came down from mountain Roraima and declared the "Doctrine of Necessity.”

The court’s ruling in Guyana placed MP Charrandass’ dual citizenship vote valid and a dead issue. The legal issue comes down to numbers. What is a "majority" and what is

"absolute majority" or "simple majority?”  This is the kind of technical and trivial language that keeps a country from moving forward, creating ethnic divisions in a hostile plural state. In parliament it's stipulated by the constitutions that decisions are to be made by simple majority. Now the Appellate Judges’ decisions have in effect given the PNC a life line, whiles it’s expected that Indians must follow the law.

  The Ramoutar Government   had one less seat, not a "majority" and the PNC did NOT have an "absolute majority" in the Assembly in 2015. The PPP was nevertheless called upon by the PNC to set a date for an election.

In the National Assembly in Guyana no one has an ' Absolute Majority;' then who should rule? Either party has 33 / 32. By Burnham's Roraima’s commandments," the PNC will always govern Guyana because the African PNC control the political infrastructure: armed forces and the bureaucracy. “Indians are check mated” by Ravi Devi [ Ravi Dev - 3/ 26 /19 www. ] as though there is no other solution based on the Courts ruling. The PPP party and Indian intellects and activists are the ones who are restricted to legal battles only. Jagan’s concepts of ' one love' is dead and finished. The PPP party and its activists have to re-calibrate their political software to meet the challenges of PNC - African threats. It’s time that the Indian race in Guyana convince the Indian masses to seek a TWO STATE SOLUTIONS on this on-going ethnic crisis

in Guyana because the African PNC don't care a dam about LAW and CONSTITUTIONS.

Time to join the U- FLAG MOVEMENT for a Two State Solutions.

Again, the African PNC is NO SUPER POWER. What the Mind wants the Indian race will get.