Mugabeism and Gurudom Stifling Indian Society

Mugabeism and Gurudom Stifling Indian Society

Photo : Massive Gosein

Indo-Caribbean Community needs to develop a MASSIVE mind-set if they are to survive in the Caribbean. They need to disengage their minds from petty domestic quarrels and address the issues that are threatening their survival. Unfortunately, many of our politicians, academics and professionals refuse to deal with the issues at hand.

Democracy is a charade in our community. It has now been displaced by the culture of gurudom amd Mugabeism where questioning the rulings of the leader is a cardinal sin. There is absolutely no place for anyone who chooses to express dissenting views. Followers have been reduced to caddies and the major events are celebrating the birthdays of the leaders and their families.

Indians need to put their house in order and rise to take the fight to the real enemies-not your Charcha or Charchie. With a MASSIVE mind-set the Indian community would regain its depleting manhood and have the courage to stand TALL and FIRM and address issues. With such character our enemies are going to think twice before attacking us for fear of retaliation. At present the Indian community in the Caribbean presents itself as soft targets.

Our detractors do not quiver but always stand firm behind one another. Such fanaticism may be scorned but should be emulated. Plural societies are by nature in a state of conflict. Ethnic concerns prevail over what is just and right. It is raw power that determines justice, not pleading for mercy.

The raging controversy surrounding the song “Rowlee Mudda Count” by Massive Gosein only demonstrates that the detractors are not going to be merciful to you so long as you are divided and weak. Massive Gosein has successfully launched a missile at the PNM and the wider creole community which has been mercilessly attacking the Indian community and its leadership in songs. What is worse is the connivance of the State apparatus in this heinous and disgraceful act by its award of millions of taxpayers’ dollars to perpetrators of racism, hate and bigotry, all in the name of freedom of expression and art.

For more than three decades the hurling of insults and ridicules has continued unabated. Now that Massive Gosein has been able to deliver a damaging blow the zandolles are finally calling for reasoning and peace. With  the enemies’ backs are against the wall we must not call off the fight but push on until there is some understanding that singing obscenities and racial insults is not the way forward for a cosmopolitan nation like ours.

I must take this opportunity to congratulate Massive Gosein for pointing the way forward for the Indian community that has always been perceived as fair game to calypsonians and politicians. Massive Gosein is not the holder of a doctorate but an artiste who can readily perceive a threat to his family, community and self. Unfortunately, this ability to sense a threat is lost to many.

Too many Indians contend that they cannot speak out for fear of victimization. Others argue that they have their younger children at school. Nevertheless, silent cooperation with evil would not diminish unwarranted attacks but only give the perpetrators the resolve to intensify their diabolic practices. Refusal to protest wrong is silent cooperation with evil.

It is now clear that academic excellence means very little in this society. If I were to ask who won the President Medal in the 2017 CAPE scholarship programme few people would know. But if I were to ask who sang Rowlee Mudda Count, almost everyone would know.  It only demonstrates that the enemies that we are engaged with are arrogant and the one thing that the ignorant understands is force. Massive has demonstrated that he has testicular fortitude to beat the enemies at their own game.

In conclusion, I would like to request that Indo Trinidadians refrain from talking about “Vasant would make a better leader than Kamla” or “Kevin Baldeosingh is a better writer that Raymond Ramcharitar.” It is only those who are afraid of addressing the real issues that behave in such effeminate manner. They are only attempting to project their manhood by engaging in such intra-communal debates when in reality they are morbidly afraid to address national issues even despite being robbed, raped, kidnapped and murdered.

Let us all embrace this MASSIVE MID-SET and start addressing the real enemies and leave our Aajee and Aajaa and Nana and Nani to rest. There is no need to drag them to the courts to get their properties. We need to redirect our minds to the one Massive opportunity-to organize a strong and vibrant Indo-Caribbean Community with truth as its foundation. In our hands is the ability to govern this country in a most democratic fashion to ensure that every creed and race find an equal place.