NCIC lauds India’s 70th anniversary of Independence

NCIC lauds India’s 70th anniversary of Independence

Port-of-Spain: The National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC) salutes the Government and People of India on the occasion of its 70th anniversary of Independence, August 15, 1947, just 15 years before Trinidad and Tobago achieved its Independence on August 31, 1962.

“Our two countries have always maintained strong cultural, religious, economic and political ties through diplomatic relations, visits by several ministerial and technical and cultural groups over the last 70 years. The latter have become greatly intensified within recent years, and the Trinidad and Tobago populace fully supports their visits, thus further enhancing the cultural epoch between us,” Surujdeo Mangaroo, public relations officer of the NCIC, said.

“Our flag-bearer, the internationally acclaimed Divali Nagar, which precedes Divali, the Festival of Lights, has dotted the cultural landscape, not only in our country, but the global Indian diaspora. Of course, scores of Indians visit here to attend Divali Nagar, and also to learn how we do it every year with a passion and success”, Mangaroo said.

India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was the first one to visit our shores in 1968 while Dr Eric Williams as Premier, visited India in 1960 and had fruitful discussions with the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Subsequent Prime Ministers on both sides of the oceans have visited each other’s land at regular intervals.

“The National Council of Indian Culture has always provided the platform for a network of cultural groups, and the people of the different cultural stocks and strains have lustily applauded the performances at all times. In fact, Trinidad and Tobago has now become the major stop for India’s cultural performances,” Mangaroo said.

“The people of Trinidad and Tobago cherish and continue to respect and admire India’s developmental progress in all fields of human endeavor, most of which could be beneficial to our own country,” he said.

“We admire the recent election of President Shri Ram Nath Kovind and Vice-President M. Venkaih Naidu, and we remain optimistic that these two august gentlemen would continue to steer India to even greater heights of development and political maturity”, Mangaroo noted.

“The National Council of Indian Culture would like to publicly express our deepest gratitude for the support and donation of books and other forms literature to our recently-established library which, in its short existence, has already captured the national imagination,” Mangaroo said.

The observance of International Yoga Day as enunciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has added a new dimension to our relationships.

“May I, on behalf of the President, Executive Management of the NCIC, extend warmest felicitations to the Prime Minister, Government and People of India, through His Excellency, Shri Bishwadip Dey. May India continue to flourish as a nation of hard work, respect for the rights of each nation at the United Nations and the host of multilateral agencies. May the prayers of India’s saints, seers, prophets and philosophers continue to grip and guide the people and Government of India, for millennia to come,” Mangaroo added.