NCIC official: Competence in Hindi enhances Indian culture

NCIC official: Competence in Hindi enhances Indian culture

Competence in Hindi enhances Indian culture worldwide, according to Surujdeo Mangaroo, public relations officer of the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC). He underlined this point in an address at the Preliminary Round of the NCIC’s Annual Divali Nagar Singing, Dancing and Queen Show on Sunday August 06, 2017 at Divali Nagar, Chagunas.

Divali Nagar is an annual socio-cultural event which precedes Divali, the Festival of Lights. It  highlights the culture of the Indian diaspora where young people hit the stage for nine-nights to showcase their talents in various forms of Indian culture.  This show attracts over 100,000 patrons from India, Canada, USA, Fiji, the Caribbean and South Africa.

Mangaroo hailed the initiatives of the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Cultural Co-operation in providing training and expertise in several disciplines of the performing arts, and urged all participants and the nation’s youths, “to register and undertake studies as your participation would only help you to become serious professionals in whatever field you may so choose”.

Mangaroo pointed out to scores of contenders that the”NCIC judges, all of whom are experts in the various disciplines, would not respond too kindly to any participant who does not meet the standards outlined by the NCIC”.

“Hindi needs more attention and respect in our country and we must ensure that this requisite is met, maintained and practiced, and Hindi is one of the flag subjects of attention at the Gandhi Centre,” Mangaroo said.

He noted that there continues to be a proliferation of new participants annually as the Pageant has now become a cultural tourist attention. “Language is the oldest form of communication in any society, and with new technology available, it is easier to access and master so that over all delivery on stage would be more comforting and appreciated. Stop making mistakes in your presentations at all times.”

“I want to advise all performers on stage, do not look for crowd support, that would come on naturally, once your delivery is perfect,” Mangaroo said.

“Indian culture remains the hallmarks of our civilization, and the young people must not diminish its spiritual and universal prominence which is in your hands, as indeed, the future is entrusted and enshrined. This Pageant, which has become a noted feature, in our calendar of events, will continue to provide the forum for such initiatives,” Mangaroo added.