Need to Revive Gandhi’s Message of Peace

Need to Revive Gandhi’s Message of Peace
Photo : Mahatma Gandhi

Port-of-Spain: Albert Einstein, noted physicist, remarked that generations to come would hardly believe that India's Mahatma Gandhi walked on earth. It only means that his eternal message of peace, truth and non-violence would soon wither away with the passage of time because it is getting late to salvage his philosophy. The entire globe is firmly heading for total chaos.

Einstein was so right as the world community seems to forget his message, and now our civilization and sense of civility have now gone to the oblivion.

Daily we see the urgency and the need to revive, enrich and spread his eternal message worldwide, if we are able to bring back a sense of civility. No need to repeat his words of wisdom, which at one time were total reference points

Photo : Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

The task for all of us, as indeed more so, the Government of India, is to embark on an international project at all levels  to give a new perspective, a new meaning --striking ones-- to get back Gandhi's message into our daily lives. We need that new paradigm now, and with all the urgency at our command.

Let us not ignore Einstein's thought provoking idea, and give new meaning to Gandhi's eternal message.

As we usher to commence celebrations marking the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi, October 2, 2019, I humbly suggest that high commissions, consulates, and organizations that honour and celebrate Gandhi join in this noteworthy initiative. Projects to interface with secondary and tertiary education centres, corporate and public officials--no one should be left out. Let us use our latent talents, creativity and human competence to ignite a new spark of Gandhism. The world will be better off with a renewed initiative and understanding  of Gandhi's life.

This is our challenge and we must not shirk from it. Just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi got the United Nations to declare an International Day of Yoga, so also Gandhi's Birthday warrants international observance at the United Nations, and internationally by individual governments.

The Indian  High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago ritually observe Gandhi's birth and his death anniversaries. This year's celebrations take the form of a cultural programme at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando where a battery of this country's top Indian performers will hit the stage, and more importantly, they are trained in India over the years, as part of the Government of India Cultural Programme.

Several VIPs and public officials and are expected to attend.