Not an Apology from Guyana Officer in attack on India's Ambassador

Not an Apology from Guyana Officer in attack on India's Ambassador
Photo : High Commission of India Guyana Mr. V. Mahalingam
The Public Information Director, Imran Khan's comment of  "regret" on his public attack on India is a disappointment for a purported apology. It is a lame expression of regret. The comments do not amount to an apology at all. Khan attacked India as a "hegemon  power" and accused the Ambassador of interfering in Guyana's internal affairs. He was criticized by the media and Guyana government officials.
It is an expression of regret for the furor, not for the attack itself, caused and uttered by the Director of Public Information's unprovoked broadsided attacks on the Indian High Commissioner and the government of India for inviting parliamentarians of Indian descent for a global Indian diaspora conference in New Delhi. The DPI regrets the furor caused by his comments and not the comments per se.  The comments were distasteful and require an apology. In other words, in spite of all the information in the public domain that the Indian government does not interfere in Guyana's internal affairs, including President Granger's comments of mutual non-interference, and India's generosity of doling out assistance to Guyana, the DPI continues to believe in his ill-informed personal view.
Photo : Imran Khan
The DPI should have delivered an unqualified apology expressing regrets for attacking a friendly country (and its highest representative, the Ambassador) that hosted an international conference in New Delhi on Jan 9 and 10 for its diaspora some of whom came from Guyana. He should have uttered the "I am sorry" phrase ... that he was misinformed or mis-advised about India's relations with Guyana and the purpose of the Parliamentary Indian Diaspora Conference in Delhi.