Phagwa must burn the evil forces in Trinidad and Tobago

Phagwa must burn the evil forces in Trinidad and Tobago

Today the Indian diaspora observes the festival of Phagwa (Holi) worldwide, including Trinidad and Tobago. As an effigy of Holika (evil force) is burning for Phagwa  citizens must demonstrate a commitment to also burn out the murders, kidnappings and violence in our society.

This country needs all the strength we can muster to rid our country of the lawlessness and the free flowing of blood on our streets, schools and homes. This must be the proper time for spiritual renewal by everyone.

The effigy of Holika must also burn out the evil forces that continue to haunt our society so that good will triumph.

In our beloved Trinidad and Tobago, the murders, kidnappings, incest, thefts, deceits, deception, untruths and violence continue to escalate rapidly. Nevertheless, our cosmopolitan stock of people and the spirit of multiculturalism give us the resilience to work harderso that we can better appreciate each other.

Where else in the world one can find people celebrating three unique festivals at the same time, namely, Easter, Phagwa and Shouter Baptists Day!

Phagwa is no response to Carnival. Phagwa is a deep and serious religious festival which demonstrates the eternal concept of good over evil.

The observance of Phagwa requires something beyond a physical approach. It requires a new transition from the old order of action to a new order of spirituality, a new order of humanity. This new order will have to be undertaken to avoid the continued barbarism and disintegration that is eroding our humanity.

Phagwa must be the vehicle to reach the haven of a new social order of creative peace and brotherhood. And in order to reach this destination, there must be a supreme mobilization of our mental and moral forces enhanced by an unflinching determination to meet courageously the difficulties of this pilgrimage.

It is for humanity to decide its destiny. Let us all irrespective of our ethnic background and economic and political status use Phagwa 2018 to restart the engine for a new Trinidad and Tobago. We do it now or face the perils of the future.

After this is the 183rd observance of Phagwa which was brought here by our forefathers who came from India, principally Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, some 148,000 and through whose contribution T&T is at the crossroads of a new history.