Photo : Vassan Ramracha

Come March 20th 2019, the APNU-AFC coalition government in Guyana will only have squatters’ rights in the State House and all government buildings. The Courts cannot rule on the issue of Granger’s legitimacy as President as stipulated in Guyana constitution as he would not be President anymore. Before March 20th 2019 the Courts has the rights to rule. After March 20/19. there is no government in its true sense but only an interim government that will be led by Mr. Irfaan Ali who has the majority of seats in Guyana assembly.

Mr. Ali will have to file an eviction notice through the Courts to evict Mr. Granger from living at State House.  Mr. Granger should not be addressed by anyone as President and all titles of his Cabinet members must be stripped.  The coalition cabinet is now rendered title-less.

It's important for Mr Ali and the PPP/C to adopt the right attitude to galvanize local and international support. On March 20/19, Mr.  Ali must approach State House and declare to the Presidential Guards that he is now the legal interim President. This action by Presidential Ali will draw international media attention. It will also prove if the Armed Forces are loyal to the Granger-led coalition or it is a professional force pledged to protect the constitution of Guyana and allow President Ali the seat of the Presidency.

Guyana can end up as the new Venezuela. It's up to  PNC Squatters government to follow the Rule of Law.

Vassan Ramracha