Poll: Harmon Leads for Chair in PNC Internal Elections

Poll: Harmon Leads for Chair in PNC Internal Elections
Photo : Joe Harmon
The latest findings of the ongoing opinion tracking poll being conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) for the position of PNC Chair in the party's internal executive elections shows Minister of the Presidency Joe Harmon well ahead of the other two candidates in popular support and likely to prevail in Sunday’s vote. The Chair is the second most powerful position in the party after the leader who is currently Mr David Granger whose position is not being challenged. The chair succeeds the leader if there is a vacuum in that position.
The poll, being conducted by Dr. Vishnu Bisram, finds Harmon in the lead:  in popular support nationwide among all voters regardless of party affiliation; among PNC party supporters; among its members; and among delegates who are accredited to vote at Sunday's Congress.
Only delegates, who are chosen by party groups, can vote for party executives. Harmon has more support than the other two candidates combined – Ms. Volda Lawrence and Mr. Basil Williams who is the incumbent. Harmon is seen as competent and efficient in carrying out tasks. People from across the rubicon say he is inclusive making him very popular nationwide.
Harmon, who has been a member of the PNC party for some forty years, has been praised for his organizational skills that helped the party to regain its support in 2011 and in capturing political power in 2015.
The poll finds that Harmon has much higher favorability and likeability ratings than the other two candidates. While Volda Lawrence and incumbent Basil Williams are liked only among elements in the party's traditional base, Harmon is liked across the racial rubicon. He is described as “a healer” who brings people together rather than as someone who promotes. And party members say he is an effective party organizer and efficient performer in government.  Harmon is reputed, even by detractors, as a Minister who gets a job done quickly. Party members note Harmon grounds with them and can be counted upon to address their concerns.
Asked who they feel will win the Chair position, a large majority of the PNC membership as well as party supporters and the public at large says Harmon will win with Ms Lawrence trailing way behind followed by Williams in third spot.

Among delegates who were interviewed, a slight majority gives the nod to Harmon to triumph over the other two contestants.