Proposal for a Thanksgiving Day for Indians in Trinidad

Proposal for a Thanksgiving Day for Indians in Trinidad
Photo : Vassan Ramracha AKA Swami Vaskanada

Come November 22/18 Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving and giving thanks  for the help the Native Indians gave to the first European immigrants in 1620 in the good USA. Without Native Indians supplying the first Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown and other places with basic foods and understanding of the terrain in America the Europeans most likely would not have survived. Today, American success is due to the American Indians in no small way.

In Trinidad the arrival of the Indians from India was responsible for saving the economy of Trinidad, Guyana, Grenada and others parts of the Caribbean. In Trinidad the Indians paid the most revenue to the state from profits of the sugar, cocoa, and coffee plantations. Oil was discovered in 1920 and sugar and oil added to the Trinidad economy until the 1980s when sugar declined.

The African Trinidad Man should be thankful to Indian race for protecting 'Trinidad democracy.  Trinidad is a paradise because it's the Indians directed by the Great Bhadase Sagan Maraj who did not join the Black Power of 1970. Again the Indians did not support the Muslimeen revolt led by Abu Bakr in the 1990.

The PNM Political Leader and Prime Minister, Dr Eric Williams, should have marked a date on the calendar in month of MAY giving thanks to Indians  for keeping the peace in Trinidad  and saving his Government  and his “arse.” Had the Black Power succeeded T&T would have preceded the tyrannies of Benard Cord of Grenada that culminated with the invasion of the Spice Island to save the country from bloodshed, mayhem and a communist takeover with Cuban support.

There are many other reasons the Trini African man should be thanking Indians.