Racial envy wrecking our cosmopolitan identity and creating a voodoo wasteland

Racial envy wrecking our cosmopolitan identity and creating a voodoo wasteland

Photo : Sally Radford receiving an award from Orville London, High Commissioner of T&T to the UK

Seasonal messages identified reasons for the deepening malaise caused by recusant citizens choosing unethical lifestyles based on trash, fakes, vice, vanity and greed.

UWI graduates in science, technology and engineering must be employed to prevent floods. A resource for food production and industry for almost a century, it must be rescued from iconoclastic extremists and radical activists, promoting militant bigotry, driven by racial envy of Caucasians, creating a voodoo wasteland, wrecking its cosmopolitan identity and infrastructure. All must continue to use the name Milner Hall to honour founders of this international institution, however flawed.

CARICOM, now rolling in aid for hurricane relief approaching USD 3 billion from international taxpayers, is rebuilding casino resorts and tax havens for tourists and tycoons, while demanding reparation for slavery from UN donors. Since life is unsustainable on volcanoes and other lands denuded of trees, repatriation is feasible to AU homelands where 600 million hectares of arable land are available for diaspora.

Faith groups must lobby for over 200,000 homeless languishing without shelter and sanitation. Only Diaspora sent aid and launched Aryan Children Trust with a dinghy for flood rescue and cash for a homeless family in Penal, where agrarian communities struggle with monthly floods, intoxication, fornication, unstable unions and crime in farms and oilfields paying taxes into state coffers.

University and church halls remained closed to families facing deadly pests and plague, marooned in floods since June. Rural girls who once gained education at Archibald Institute endure unsuitable unions and multiple births.

A divided Opposition must end exploitation by fraudsters, moles and power launderers whitewashing supremacist motives, compromising oriental origins and values. Leaders must lobby CARICOM to abolish the Reparation Commission and provide aid for flood victims in Trinidad via CDEMA and CDB.

The main culprit in the scandal of negligence remains a schismatic partisan regime which indulges in coarse culture where performers identify with Renegades, Invaders and Desperadoes. The state must divest from energy and other unprofitable assets to increase revenue for agriculture which must gain more funding. Nestle, Angostura, Carib, Unilever and Massy must invest in local food. WITCO must divest from unethical tobacco into food production. Cheap gas can be diverted from melamine to food in Point Lisas.

More senators from faith groups can keep the regime on its toes and deter rampant criminals attacking with impunity under the nose of authorities with the lion's share of the budget. An end to subsidies for culture will release funds for basics such as housing. Royalties are growing as oil prices rise.

Our community can survive by launching an economic powerhouse, a trust offering shares to investors, including NGOs, to undertake projects. Priority must be building affordable social housing using local materials including wood, especially bamboo.

A cookery school will create jobs and train rural youth in preparation of nutritious local food to counteract NCD, malnutrition and obesity. After her term ends on 19 March, Reema Carmona can be recruited to support welfare of women as patron of Indian Women's Group, Hindu Women's Organisation, Presbyterian Board of Women. Wives of ex-presidents Hassanali and Richards should lobby the regime for priority for rural women. Leading oriental women in politics and business should prioritise advancement of poor women. Retired UWI/UTT scientists and engineers can open a craft school for boys to learn practical skills, including music, jewellery and stone sculpture.

Best wishes for 2018