Rama killed female assassins to uphold law and order

Rama killed female assassins to uphold law and order

Tomorrow the world will observe the birth anniversary of Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya who went into exile to fulfil his father’s promise. Despite thousands of years have elapsed Rama is still a hero, inspiring millions daily across the globe.

Rama was strong and brave. He defeated the evil female assassins, Tataka and Sabahu. Their intentions were not noble. Rama, did mot hesitate to kill them to uphold dharma or righteousness. The law of the land must be upheld and citizens must execute their duties at all cost. Unfortunately, a new culture has evolved that gives immunity to the criminal elements under the guise of human rights while the victims are left to nurse their wounds, pay ransoms and cremate their dead.

An avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Rama came to destroy the evil Ravana, protect the good and virtuous and restore the path of dharma. Born of the warrior caste, Rama as a prince and a king looked after the welfare and security of the state and its subjects. His life was never confined to cocktail parties indulging his whims and fancies but always had a sense of duty as a descendent of the Sun Dynasty.

At seventeen-year old Rama did not hesitate to destroy the demons who were bent on destroying the sacred fire and obstructing worship of the gods. He kept vigil all night to protect dharma from the onslaught of adharmic forces bent on desecrating the sacred fire and demolishing the mandirs. Today we see missionaries invading our homes bearing ideologies of intolerance and we are not incensed. Most of us don’t utter a word of protests. These criminal ideologies poison the body politics, sowing seeds of dissent and revolt within the community. In India they manifest in the birth of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In these nations Hindu dharma has more or less been destroyed. In north east region of India the Christian missionaries have made the people enemies of the Indian State notwithstanding the Maoist-inspired Naxalite revolt that kills innocent poverty stricken villagers, all in the name of revolution.

Rama gladly went into exile on the request of his father. Had Rama refused, it would have been an ignominy and dishonor and shame for his father and his lineage. The world would have poured scorn on Dashrath as a dishonorable king who did not fulfil a promise made. Rama, the righteous son, went into exile so that his father’s reputation would remain intact.

After defeating Ravana, Rama returned to Ayodhya and was ruling when his subjects were gossiping about Sita’s kidnapping and being held in captivity by Ravana. Rama, for the welfare of the State and to uphold Dharma, sent his wife, the Queen, into exile. He demonstrated by this act that the welfare of the State was bigger than welfare of family members. This lesson from the Ramayana is hardly put into practice. It is not uncommon to see politicians today subverting the law of the land for their family’s welfare.

Rama’s entire life was a struggle to uphold righteousness. He fought many battles to restore dharma. The evil forces never had a chance with him. Today few of our young graduates and professionals utter a word of protest against the wrong of the government. The less educated have a greater sense of community welfare.

Our young graduates behave as though they are the grand children of Rockefellers, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. They behave as though they are the elites of the US with the Pentagon and the US Military to protect their welfare. They live in denial, in a drunken stupor with two pennies in their pockets, enduring floods and caimans in their bedrooms, dry taps and pot holes.

Bullying is a reality in the school system. Children are beaten, their lunch money taken and the learning environment compromised and not a murmur of protests. Instead of confronting such issues we resort to going on a cruise and if we are short of cash we settle for a bucket of chicken and two bottles rum.

“How you make you bed, so you sleep.” The the law of karma  drives the world. The most chaotic regions of the world today are those country where the people allow alien cultures to overrun the lands. Today those lands are like open septic tanks. Citizens are left to go about their daily life with their faces covered to deny the stench emanating.

Jai Sri Ram!