Ramkarran, Ramson others could be in the running as PPP Candidates

Ramkarran, Ramson others could be in the running as PPP Candidates

Photo : Dr. Vishnu Bisram

The Guyana media reports that several individuals are in the running to replace Dr Bharrat Jagdeo as possible Presidential candidate if the CCJ rules against him seeking a third term. That ruling should come within a couple months.

Jagdeo is expected to be the Presidential nominee if the CCJ sustains the ruling of Guyana's courts that term limits are unconstitutional without a referendum. He is enormously popular and will knock out any opponent. Supporters of PPP and even some APNU supporters want Jagdeo as the next President. Many blunders have been committed by the ruling coalition and voters feel they should be voted out. APNU and AFC have also failed to court supporters of the PPP that crossed over in their tens of thousands to vote the coalition in May 2015. The government is extremely unpopular and voters want them out.

Elections are some twenty-five months away and anything can happen by then. Oil money will also be flowing and it can reverse the fortunes of the incumbent alliance. If Jagdeo is not the nominee, he will largely determine who is the candidate.

The three PPP Presidential contenders mentioned above are indeed seen as the frontrunners to replace Jagdeo should he decline the nomination or rendered ineligible by the court. But one cannot discount others as potential contenders like the brilliant Charles Ramson Jr., an adept outsider Ralph Ramkarran, or even Civic member Dr Peter Ramsaroop. Ramson is loved by the youths, has a very clean image, and is well versed in oil management – all qualities needed to win an election. Ramsaroop also has a clean image and articulates a vision for national development and racial healing.

The aging Ramkarran (erstwhile PPPite and a Jaganite) comes closest in likeability and popularity to unseat the PNC from office. He is widely respected throughout the country among the political and business elites and legal fraternity. He writes objectively and fearlessly. He will give a knock out blow to APNU+AFC with the help of the younger stalwarts like Ramson, ramsaroop, and those other figures. 

A letter writer, Balgobin, writing in KN (April 7) correctly analyzes the political arithmetic in Guyana and need for the PPP to attract cross over ethnic support to win an election. Ramkarran has that kind of appeal.  Balgobin feels Jagdeo will surprise Guyanese by consulting with Mr. Ramkarran on presidential nominees. That will make news.

Polls on presidential contenders suggest that Ramkarran will defeat Mr. Granger. Mr. Ramkarran is among a few individuals in Guyana who enjoy cross over ethnic support. Whether the PPP will accept him as the nominee or whether he is interested in being the candidate is an altogether different issue. But for now Jagdeo is the likely nominee and if not him he will be the kingmaker in selecting the nominee. Party supporters have faith in him doing the right thing in the selection of the party’s nominee -- selecting a winner and not doing a repeat of what happened in 2011 and 2015 that led to the party’s defeat.