Reading for Leisure

Reading for Leisure

Reading is a silent communication. Silence is powerful. Words, carefully chosen to send a message or awaken the imagination, fill that quiet to bring peace and a better understanding of the world in which we live. There is an enchanting world peopled with books for those who love to read.

Shelves overflowing in a space where the books rule, beckon at libraries across the world and what better way to spend an afternoon than talking about a book or books in general.

The Book Club of Princes Town threw the highlight on V.S Naipaul’s Miguel Street in its August 16th meet up.  All the readers did not like the book.

One of the Nobel Laureate’s earliest works, the book tells us about the people living on a street.

Popo is a carpenter, Bogart, a bigamist, Man-Man is mad and life is easy but poor. The story is told through the eyes of a young boy.

“It’s depressing,” one reader claimed, adding, “I never want to go in such neighbourhoods or think of such of life.”

Another said, “I hated the book.”

There were those who enjoyed it too.

“I totally enjoyed reading every word and wanted to step into Miguel Street to meet the characters,” Zobidah Hosein said.

NALIS, Princes Town in-charge Ann Kallicharan presented the book as one chosen by club members and brought out copies of several Nicholas Sparks books.

Emphasis, she was told must be placed on local writers. In a compromise, the club members opted to read a Nicholas Sparks as well as Prospero’s Daughter by Elizabeth Nunez for the September 20th meeting.

“A month is a lot of time to read just one book,” one reader noted.

NALIS is attempting to generate new interest in reading and has been striving to set up book clubs at each of its branches.

There is need however, for greater co-ordination among library staff with time off to get the groups going.

The challenge is in the books. They create vivid pictures for the imagination and inspire better thinking and living.

It is to be noted that readers read for different reasons. Some look for escape into the pages of a good story while others read for information. And there are the readers who live in a world peopled by books.

Words bring wisdom. Books open a window to the soul of its writers. And all over the world, readers savour the joy of opening a good book for many happy hours of enjoyable reading. Create space at the libraries and employ book friendly staff to generate new interest in an old hobby. Princes Town, with a group of 12 ardent readers, has take the lead.