Reliving the songs of Hari Om Sharan

Reliving the songs of Hari Om Sharan

As a child growing up in the 60s I would wake up to the programme Jai Bharati hosted by Hans Hanoomansingh. This programme on 6.10 AM radio was aired at sunrise (Surya Narayan),everyday. In the Hindu home it is a time for prayer and devotion. The song by Hari Om, 'Nisidhin Namo Ganapati Sharan' is heard echoing the praises of Lord Ganesha. He being the Lord of guidance and protection from evil. Songs like these composed and sang by Hari Om Ji, taught us the greatness of God and the help to feel the presence of the divine in time of difficulty. 

Hari Om Sharan remains one of the greatest composers of Hindi Bhajans and kirtans of all times 

We are about to relive his memory through his wife Shrimati Nandini Sharan who will be here in TT on Saturday. Nandini who is a Guyanese-born, India based singer, is considered to be the voice of devotion today. She stands out as one of the best Bhajan (relgious Hindi songs) singers from India. She is the guest of the Pandavas Ramleela Committee (PRC) lead by Pundit Surendra Maharaj.

Photo : Seeta Persad

Hari Om who died in 2007, he remains one of the greatest composers of religious songs of India. In the 60s he composed and sangs thousands of songs. Together with his wife they became the biggest names in religious songs,  having released many records that were sold in this part of the world. 

Maharaj said Nandini will be singing her husband's most popuar songs.  'Jai Jai Aarti Sab Mil Gaven Stuti Karen Shri Ganpati Ki', 'Jai Lakshmi Kalyani Maiya', 'Lakshmi Maiya Utaren Teri Aarti', 'Jinke Hirday Shriram Ram', 'Aarti Kije Shri Raghuvar Ki', 'Mateshwari Jagadambikay', 'Jai Ambe Durge Maiya', 'Shiv Bhola Bhandari' and 'Om Jai Shiv Shakti Haray'