Responsibility and Commitment –the Hindu Way to Salvation

Responsibility and Commitment –the Hindu Way to Salvation

Trinidad and Tobago is a frontier society. The enemies are not stopping until Hinduism is wiped out of this territory. A concerted effort to marginalise the Hindu community is afoot. In this state of war, the Hindu cannot afford to sit idly by but rise to the challenge.

We need a frontier spirit to tackle this aggression. We need not get fooled with the slogan “Here every creed and race finds an equal place.” Trinidad and Tobago is like the battlefield of Kurushetra and there is no room for excuses. If we don’t wage a relentless campaign against this aggression there would be no Hindu community in less than 50 years.

No one can deny that numbers in Christianity and Islam are increasing while the number of Hindus is decreasing. Yet when Hindus talk about this aggression, others are quick to label Hindus bigots and racists. What is interesting is that there are many with Hindu-looking names that are agents of this imperialist design to subvert Hindu society. We must not be afraid to confront their evil designs.

Hindus need to become more responsible and committed to their dharma and community. It is common in my work to see youths wasting time all day. Many times I would call them individually and asked: “Do you know why you are coming to school?” The student would usually smile and respond: “To study sir.” And I would usually remark “very good.”

Not only children have to be reminded of their roles and duties; even elders are in the habit of forgetting their duties and have to be reminded. I was told the story of my great grandfather who took the train from Jerningham to inform his sister in Rio Claro that there was a death in the family. On arriving at his sister’s home, the sister on seeing him ran out to the road and embraced him. Not long after a fowl was curried and his brother-in-law purchased some rum. After chatting, eating and sleeping   overnight, his sister asked him “how everybody home?” It was then that it dawned on him that his reason for traveling to Rio Claro was to inform them of a death in the family.

Today there is a growing culture to mask duty with shouting of slogans. Slogans are like tonics that only works after a balanced meal is eaten. There is no shortcut to attain results.  Mahatma Gandhi was always cautious of those who shouted slogans. He said: “In time to come the world will judge us not by the slogans we shout but by our dedication and commitment to hard work.”

We are witnessing that despite so many activities the community’s problems are not diminishing. It is like a doctor treating a patient but failing to prescribe the correct medicine. What is being prescribed for the community is bush medicine by charlatans parading as leaders. They are not prepared to hold the bull by the horn for fear that their interest and gains from the powers that be would be jeopardised, hence their circumventing of issues. Dressing in kurta and shalwars, decorating one body with mehandi and eating bags of sweets are devices being employed to camouflage their self-interest.

Krishna was no charlatan. Himself a warrior who had fought and won many battles, he prescribed to Arjun the right action he should take to destroy his enemies. Arjun, inspired by the words of Krishna, fought his enemies and ultimately won. Krishna stood back and allowed Arjun to execute his skills to experience success.

Today we have a leadership that keep their chelas in perpetual dependency-debarred from exercising initiative and asking questions. The charlatan manipulates his chelas to serve his personal ego and the community remains stunted and underdeveloped. Has our dharma failed us that our youths stop thinking for themselves? Are the Arjuns going to remain silent while these charlatans sell our babes into slavery?

Hindu dharma is not wearing pretty kurta and shalwar and eating naan; and parroting a few slokas from the Gita. We need to awaken in the youths the true meaning of these slokas by engaging them in social services in a meaningful way. Sai Baba said: Holier are the hands that serve than the lips that pray.

Leaders have to address the pains of their congregation- low income, loss of jobs, murders and robberies, alcoholism, domestic violence, conversion, etc. Krinvantu Vishram Aryan-make this world noble -is an aspiration for all to strive for. Unfortunately, those who parrot slokas and slogans are displaying no real and genuine interest in the welfare of the community. Functions are like circus where clowns parade saying nothing of substances.  Nothing controversial must be said. If someone dare expresses a contrary viewpoint such a person is ostracised.

A dependency culture of hand outs is alien to our dharma. Our community believes in co-operation- sharing and helping each other. Hand outs is a borrowed culture that the oppressors like Mother Teresa and western imperialists use to inculcate a culture of dependency. Our culture teaches a man to fish. The system of dowry was devised to give the newlywed couple a head start. We also had the culture of gifting a cow which was looked after until it give birth. The cow was returned to the giver and the receivers now had a calf that was theirs. That concept has now been eclipsed by a hamper.

I call upon the youths of today to stand up for dharma. Heed the words of Bhagavan Krishna and lift your bows and arrows of dharma to end this aggression against Hindu samaj.