Rwanda is a Model for TT to emulate

 Rwanda is a Model for TT to emulate
Photo : Vassan Ramracha

Why Trinidad and Tobago that has been ruled for the most part by one ethnic group-the African race-never produced a leader like Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, who took office only in 2000? Why the People National Movement [PNM], an African-based party which had very little interruptions of its rule by the Opposition Indian-based party, could not have taken Trinidad to the heights of a Singapore given its oil wealth, resources that Rwanda President Kagame did not have at his disposal? Why President Kagame of Rwanda who inherited a country with ethnic rivalries was able to improve its economy to a growth of 8% in 2018? Also, President Kagame has improved Rwanda’s literacy rate, boosted its agriculture, reduced poverty, improved its health-care and housing programs, all projects that Trinidad and Tobago failed to accomplish to this date?   

Photo : President Paul Kagame

Rwanda and its modern day infrastructures -trains, highways, sky scrapers- is the envy of Africa. Why the PNM government which inherited a country with a passive Opposition [Indians] failed in all aspects of Trinidad’s economy and development? The Rwandan President, with all its criticisms of freedom of speech, retains the right to assembly like Lee Kuan Yew was able to make a poverty-stricken country with ethnic violence into a industrious nations.

The Rwandan President is NOT focused on holding on to power, just for power sake, but is using the power to eliminate corruption, bureaucracy and toembark on a Singaporean model.

[Tri star Investments], a kind of patrimonial culture, took’ profits from state enterprises and reinvested it into Rwanda’s economy; not into an exclusive class of people like what has been done in Trinidad.. Today the IMF estimates that Rwanda’s GDP will grow to 8%.

The problem is that Trinidad’s leaders love power for power sake and the African power class love to destroy anything that relates to Indians as has successfully done in the agricultural sector. 

 Can the Government of Trinidad please take a tour, not for tour sake, but to learn that an African man has brains too, and return to Trinidad and pull us out of this SHIT HOLE.

Source:   African Business Magazines.

SITA RAM / Trinidad - MATA KI JAI! [ Victory to Mother Trinidad].