When a constitution is written on toilet paper and not taken seriously it’s the provoker that can bring about change, not the respondents. The provoker like Sat sets the stage for discourse, critical thinking and engaging our opposites to deal with the present ethnic problems that most Indo-Aryans in Trinidad like to ignore out of fear. Respondents like Pundit Satyanand, Dr David Singh and Aneela Bhagwat tend to take the easy way out without thinking critically. They like to condemn strong Indian leaders like Sat Maharaj who is actually brave enough to say what has to be said.

Pundit Satyanand missed a golden opportunity to ask who committed the first sin against those of a different religion. Hinduism is the one religion in this country that is not Abrahamic. HIndus are seen as the outsiders, the pagans and called “devil worshippers.” They preach against us in their churches and mosques while we preach about one god in our temples and NEVER talk anything defensive for Hinduism. Our children grow up defenceless, desensitized and “moo-moo.” We are always the ones whose temples get attacked and are asked to makes sacrifices in the name of religion.

Is Mr. Sat Maharaj unique in his behavior or have others  been doing the same to Hindus for the past five generations? I have experienced many negatives as a Hindu in the Presbyterian schools in the 1950s from Christian Indian teachers who said Hindus are going to hell. Many Hindus are sent home after they come to school next day with any colors from Phagwa. They are also sent home after Divali if they have henna painted on their hands. No national scandal. But when a Hindu finally decides to fight fire with fire, everybody else sees the opportunity to make the Hindus the oppressors and themselves suddenly the victims.

My nephew at Naparima College, San Fernando and other Hindu students were reprimanded for displaying the AUM sign. My niece was also reprimanded for her raksha (red string) on her hand at ASJA Girls College in San Fernando. I know that's how Indian Christians were trained by Lord Macaulay to see their Hindu heritage as inferior. Since  colonial times these ideologies were instituted to discriminate against Hindus; and Indian Wahabi Coolies are similarly trained to bark at Hindus

Inshan Ishmael like Sat Maharaj is a provoker. Inshan Ishmael is now provoking a dialogue by bringing the Indian Prime Minister Modi and the BJP in the case with Nafiesa Nakhid and the hijab issue and Mr. Sat. Off course most Hindus reading this probably have no idea that Hinduism is fighting for its life in India right now; that Hinduism was about to be dealt a death blow had Modi not been elected. The church and radical Islam has joined hands to take down Hindus while they distract them with shiny objects and Bollywood.

The turmoil going on in America is also taking place in India. Hindus are being killed, raped, executed and driven from their homes in a country where they are a majority (80%) and no media is reporting these atrocities. Hindus elsewhere are not taking the time to learn that Muslims are fighting Hindus in court to destroy Lord Ram’s Temple in India and stop it from being built. That’s the thanks Hindus get for being kind and open minded and allowing democracy in India for all instead of making it a Hindu state like Pakistan is a Muslim state.

Only when Hindus don’t allow others to convert them and smash their faces they are deemed the oppressors. How do Muslims and Christians in Trinidad know about Modi and you all don’t know the politics in India. About the left and right wing in India, what it means? How are Muslims informed about Gaza. Hindus should be aware of what is going on? Is Ishmael a WAHABI coolie saying PM Modi is anti–Muslim? Inshan Ismael said the hijab is just a piece of cloth. So is the hijab making a statement or is the hijab just a piece of sapi [cloth]. The hijab is not a sapi; it is making a religious and political statement; in fact it is a strong Muslim Arab flavored statement. And is Pakistan loving Hindus? 23 million Hindus are missing in Pakistan and the population was reduced from 23% to 1 % since 1947; 1000 Hindu girls were kidnapped  and forcefully converted every year while Shah Rukh Khan is a superstar with 200 million happy Muslims in India. Foolish Hindus will read this and think it is some age old conflict I’m talking about. This is not history; the Hindu WEST BANK is happening. Did Ishmael Wahabi Masters called Rowley and asked why he fired only Indians at UTT? Or, is Wahhabism  reserved only for real Arab Muslims?

I said some of this in my last piece about Indians- when it comes to religions Hindus are the weakest, most passive and politically pathetic there is so I will say the following again, this time for Hindus. The Hindu leaders, the so-called that speak for Hindus, have NO appropriate response to continued Hindu discrimination in Trinidad. Only when a strong Hindu gives these people a taste of their own medicine they make it a national scandal. Hindus have a habit to say that Trinidad is a peaceful country because the 35.5% Indians do not respond to black oppressions, nor their unresponsive leaders. Peace is at the expense of the quiet coolie Hindu. If we demanded proper justice and equality there would be no peace and things would not be so easy. But we are content with cowardice and it’s easier to be picked off that way. These Hindus even when they see discrimination they will not post anything on Facebook in the hopes it will just go away like the boogeyman. That is how Hindus respond to problems- they shut down mentally and physically. If they face it themselves they will keep quiet. None of them willing to take a stance and the few figures in Indian or Hindu history or currently who dare to say something, the first hound dogs to cut them down is another Hindu Indian. The Hindu Indian who will cut down another Hindu does it from a place of pure cowardice.

Hindus themselves do not know how to respond to other religions or any other political threat. The easiest way out is to join the stronger opposing forces because when you have no answer, how can you defend your position? Hindus who post against Sat Maharaj on Facebook will see stories about Hindus facing genocide in Pakistan or bias in Trinidad and will not repost anything. They will pretend they are blind but when a Hindu says something to defend all of us they will be the first to cut them down because they are cowards.

They want the opportunity to show everybody how liberal and open minded they are and every other religion must have a good laugh at these idiots. Off course when the majority Indians and Hindus get fired from the UTT who said anything? It was same Sat Maharaj. Nobody congratulated him or said anything because the cowards were hoping some other Indian like Sat took the heat. The same cowards today call him out for taking a stand for Hindus. None of the coward Hindus also said anything about the Archbishop who also said he doesn’t want any hijabs. Our Hindus forgot to post that as well. I call on every Hindu from this day forward who is told to go home for Hindu religious objects or display if Hindu identity to take the Muslim schools to court.

  But the best part is yet to come. Firstly, we must thank Mr. Sat Maharaj for provoking this dialogue. Thanks to Sat and Nafiesa if the court rules that hijab is allowed then they should also rule raksha (Hindu red strings), the bindi, the abir, the cross, the Aum and pictures of Jesus and Hindu gods must be allowed at Muslim schools. We all know Hindus won’t have any problem with it but the Abrahamic religions will feel it the most when Hindus can now openly display their Hindu objects in Muslim schools. Secondly, if Muslim Indians think they are winning any battles here the next thing will happen. This court case is going to give the African-based PNM a chance to dismantle all denominational schools especially amongst Indians. This is a cornerstone they have not been able to dismantle, that is, the Indian school producing top scholars and scholarship winners. The African Collective Oligarch Class [ACOC] who is now laughing at you defective coolies.

Mr. Sat Maharaj is a dissenter and as a dissenter he is hated. I hope Ms. Nafiesa Nakhid will be able to teach in any school in Trinidad and the hijab will not be an issue. Muslims [ Indians ] want the courts to decide the issue on the hijab and a court ruling can bring an end to all parochial schools and an Indian “exclusivity” that African-based PNM wants to destroy.

This is where bright Indian children come from. This is why they proposed before that all schools should be opened and now to get rid of SEA and the hijab issue will provide the perfect opportunity to start dismantling parochial schools. When the Muslims ask the court to make a ruling on the denominational school institutions then schools like ASJA what they really asking for is more government interference and a strong say on how parochial schools should be administered. Muslims are really digging a hole for themselves. I honestly don’t have a problem with the hijab, people of any religion should wear what is holy or comfortable to them. However, this ruling and I hope the court rules for her favor so it will be instituted across all parochial schools. According to those who crying about everyone paying taxes and this is a multicultural society then ASJA and Convent will be expected to do the same for Hindus. Let Muslim schools be open and welcome to OM signs, Divali and no child should put out in the sun for their AUM sign. Abrahamic religions are more dogmatic and now we can have a Hindu parade through their schools. Take out your Aum signs and get your sindhur and chandan ready!

We are Indians. We are not Arabs. We belong to the Indo Aryan Race, Let’s have the meeting of the minds.  LET’S HAVE A COLLECTIVE INDO ARYAN RACE IDENTITY.


Vassan Ramracha.