Sat Maharaj: “My fearlessness to fight for social justice is inspired by Hanumanji.”

Sat Maharaj: “My fearlessness to fight for social justice is inspired by Hanumanji.”
Photo : Devotees of Sri Ram Ayodhya Dhaam, Endeavour, performs havan to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti

Scores of families joined in havan and the chanting of the 1,000 names by Pandit Rabindranath Maharaj and Pandit Omkar at the Sri Ram Ayodhya Dhaam Mandir of Rodney Road, Endeavour, Chaguanas to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti. With havan kunds ablaze and family members seated around, devotees poured oblations after each name was chanted.

This final event before the offering of the closing prayer and the serving of meals was preceded with completion of chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times over a period of four evenings and reading from Sundar Kand of the Ramayan that depicts the exploits of Hanuman.

Hanumanji is an exemplary devotee who served Sri Ram selflessly. Humility is the hallmark of Hanumanji’s character. Strong and fearless, Hanumanji is blessed to make himself present whenever his devotees need him.

Sat Maharaj said that “my fearlessness to fight for social justices is inspired by Hanumanji. He was the first to take the fight to Lanka to rescue Seeta from the prison of Ravana.”

Hanuman Jayanti coincided with the invasion of the precinct of Radio Jagriti at the corner of Pasea Main Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway by nine police officers. This was followed by a letter from the Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) seeking a copy of footage of a broadcast made in the weekly program Maha Sabha Strikes Back by host Sat Maharaj.

Sat Maharaj’s comment that Tobagonians don’t work and engage in “crab and goat racing” offended Minority Leader of the Tobago House of Assembly who attacked Sat Maharaj for peddling “hate speech.” Interestingly, the Prime Minister joined in condemnation of Sat Maharaj.

Nevertheless, it soon came to light that Sat Maharaj was not speaking off his head but was repeating what was said by Dr Rita Pemberton, a former Head of the History Department at St Augustine Campus and a Tobagonian, at a monthly lecture series hosted by the Tobago Writers Guild and Tobago Library Services last week at the Scarborough Library. She was quoted in an article: “Turn up to work at 8 to 4, many turn up at 9 or 9:30 (am). When come in, they still have to go for breakfast, then they go for lunch. They take an hour, go in the mall and do all kinds of things, then leave early to pick up their children and they get paid for the entire day.”

Here is another quote from Dr Pemberton’s speech: “People building houses, masons, shoemakers, dressmakers, well, don’t try to build a house in Tobago and employ Tobago workmen. Just don’t try. Everybody tells you don’t do it.”

Following the revelation by Dr Pemberton, Tobago East MP Ayanna Webster-Roy called on Tobago East people “to change our mindset.”

Hanuman is a symbol of dedicated service. Hanuman never made excuses and always ready to carryout the instructions of Sri Ram. Hindus, taking refuge in Hanumanji, went about their daily life knowing that their Guardian Angel is not going to fail them.

Jairaj Singh, popular singer and radio announcer, said that the attempt by the State “to intimidate Radio Jagriti and the Hindu community has backfired because Hanumanji, Pawan Putr, has intervened and said enough is enough.  I am a proud devotee of Pawan Putr Hanuman.”

Hanuman Jayanti falls on the full moon of the month of chaitra in the Hindu calendar. Preceding Hanuman was the nine nights of worship of Mother Durga, a warrior Goddess, followed by Ram Naumi or birth of Sri Ram.

The Sri Ram Ayodhya Dhaam has been in operation since the early 1990s. Its devotees come from Endeavour but also from distant places like Penal, Rio Claro and Marabella.

Spiritual Head Pandit Rabindranath Maharaj started his role as a pandit in the 1980s. Known for his charity, Pandit raised funds to fund medical surgeries, repair and construct mandirs and schools. Pandit is also the Manager of the Endeavour Hindu School.

In addition to his grandparents, Pandit Rabindranath had his early education in Hinduism with the Endeavour Hindu Youth Organization founded in 1972 by Haripersad Harikissoon and Pandit Ashram Maharaj, pandit’s elder brother. One of the major contributions made to Hindu dharma by the Endeavour Hindu Youth Organization was the formation of the Ramanan Kirtan Mandali. This Kirtan Group provided the initial opportunity for Pandit Rabindranath to hone his skills as a musician and singers. Visiting yagyas across the land provided the opportunity for Pandit to sing to large audiences. Pandit is so loved for his singing that several of his devotees fondly refer to him as “Bhajan Baba.”

Sri Ram Ayodhya Dhaama is a beacon of hope for its hundreds of devotees. With the guidance of Pandit Rabindranath Maharaj and the presence of Hanumanji, devotees can rest assure that they are safe and protected.