SEVA TT brings relief to flood victims

 SEVA TT brings relief to flood victims
Photo : Members of SevaTT

Researchers have concluded that social security is the major contributor to health, happiness and longevity. Natural disasters and other social and cultural ups and downs will always be with us. What is more important is that we have compassionate people around us to help us to swim through these high waters.

This is exactly what the youths of SevaTT do. They are here to rally with you in your hour of need. The current flooding in several parts of the nation is witnessing the resilience of our people to rally together to survive.

In Day One of its relief programme SevaTT has prepared and distributed 3,215 meals in Sangre Grande, La Horquetta, St Helena, Caroni, Bamboo, Talparo, Warren Road, Las Lomas, and Spring Village.


Now that the rain has subsided, their next steps are:

  • To continue with preparation and distribution of cooked meals and water.
  • To distribute  cleaning supplies (next week)
  • To distribute food packs (after clean up)
  •  T procure and distribute mattresses (after clean up)
  • To launch a National Clothes Drive immediately after Divali


SevaTT knows that without your support it would be impossible to have the resources to reach out to those in need.  You can contribute and be part of this grand program by:

  • Purchasing Subway Relief Sandwiches at $10.00 each at any branch: Trincity, Price Plaza, MovieTowne, POS and La Romain.
  • Make monetary contributions at ALL Optometrists Today branches: POS, Grand Bazaar, Centre City Mall, West Mall, Gulf City Mall, Trincity Mall, Arima, Price Plaza, C3 Centre, Pennywise Plaza.

Those of you who wish to make financial contribution can:


  • Make deposits  to Sewa International TT, Republic Bank Account # 8708 0110 7401


Food Packs $100.00 will be available for purchase from Monday at partnering supermarkets.

Sewa TT extends sincerest thanks to all who have contributed to relief efforts today.  We look forward to working with everyone to provide further relief to affected persons.


Nigel Suchit, his wife and two children were evacuated by boats provided by boats by Ravi and Navin Kalpoo of Kalpoo’s Caroni Bird Sanctuary Tours. Throughout the district of St Helena the Kalpoo brothers lifted families and moved them to safety.

Also active in bringing relief to flood victims is Ram Logistic, a company that provides freight services. Its motto is: “A Company that goes an extra mile.” Ram logistics is definitely upholding its motto-“Going the extra mile” to bring relief to the people affected by flood.