Shahabudeen Served an Illegal Racist Gov't

Shahabudeen Served an Illegal Racist Gov't

Photo : Former Attorney General Mohammed Shahabudeen

Dear Editor,

Glorious tributes have been paid to Mohammed Shahabudeen of Guyana upon his passing. People have focused on all positives. But we must not forget that Shahabudeen is/was responsible for the current flawed dictatorial Burnham constitution as well as the fraudulent 1978 rigged referendum that created that messy authoritarian document. The Burnham constitution has been used to minimize and trampled upon the democratic rights of Guyanese. Shahabudeen was also linked to several rigged elections that suppressed the voting rights of citizens. He served a government that was never properly elected. It came to power through the intervention of the USA and UK and it rigged elections (denying Indians the right to their vote) to remain in office. It was not much different from the racist apartheid government of Pik Botha of South Africa. It was an illegal government. What is the point of being very brilliant if you use the brilliance for evil acts?

Yours faithfully,

Vishnu Bisram