Sharon Maraj-Dharam confident of victory in Barataria local

Sharon Maraj-Dharam confident of victory in Barataria local

Photo : Sharon Maraj-Dharam

“Safety, jobs for the youth and infrastructure are the top priorities in Barataria,” said Sharon-Maraj-Dharam, the UNC candidate for Barataria in the upcoming by-election.

A home –maker, Maraj-Dharam is a resident of Barataria and has been active in the community engaging in toy drive during the Christmas holidays and other relief efforts in times of floods and other social needs. With two adult children, both holders of BSC Degrees pursuing their careers, Maraj-Dharam has demonstrated that she has the capacity and competence to build.

Safety appears to be the biggest problem in Barataria. Crime is rampant and everyone is living in fear. Maraj-Dharam has pledged to work with the police and residents “to build a safer and stronger Barataria. Too many businesses are closing early for fear of being robbed by bandits. I want to make Barataria safe so that businesses can expand and create jobs.”

Photo : Sharon Maraj-Dharam busy at work at constituency office in Barataria

She lamented the absence of job opportunities for young adult leaving school. “I want to partner with business in Barataria/San Juan area to ensure that jobs within the community are offered to Barataria residents,” she said.

“I am getting excellent response from the people overall …a lot of people want change, want support, want help, want safety and development,” she said.

“The infrastructure in Barataria is very poor. The drains need repairing. The slightest rainfall is causing floods and damages to homes. Our roads are falling apart. Our recreational facilities are neglected. Much needs to be done. The PNM has failed miserably. The people want the UNC back in office,” said Maraj-Dharam.

I enquired about her relationship with her PNM counterpart and this is what Maraj-Dharam had to say: “I came in contact with her during the campaign and when I extended my hand to her she pulled away.” Maraj-Dharam was not deterred by her response.  “It is my duty to be polite and well-mannered because there is more to life than politics,” she contends. As for for her opponent, Christoph Samlal ,of the Progressive Empowerment Party, Maraj-Dharam maintains a cordial relationship.

“The response I am getting from residents is excellent. People are fed up with the PNM. Many said that they are feeling hopeless under this PNM government. They are anxious for change,” said Maraj-Dharam.

Photo : UNC Candidate for Barataria Sharon Maraj-Dharam busy at work with staff at her  constiuency office

Her campaign has a number of youth volunteers who are working enthusiastically to bring about change in Barataria. Maraj-Dharam is well organised and focused and knows what she is about. “Being home grown makes my task easier. The people are happy that I am offering myself for office. They are confident that I will attend to their needs when elected to office,” she said.