Siparia Regional Corporation brings Medical Relief to Flood Victims

Siparia Regional Corporation brings Medical Relief to Flood Victims

It was a pleasure journeying to Woodland to have a first-hand view of a medical clinic for flood victims last Friday (Dec 07, 2018.) The clinic was sponsored by the Siparia Regional Corporation under the chairmanship of Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh and held at the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir, Pluck Road, Woodland.

The medical team conducting the clinic was International Medical Relief, a non-government organisation from the USA that has been in existence for more than twenty –six years and travelling around the world providing medical care in countries hit by natural disasters. The team was headed by Evelyn and comprised of 23 young volunteers, nurses, pharmacists and specialist doctors.

A patient was first registered and given a number. The second stage was the maesurement of blood pressure and other medical data such as the amount of oxygen in the blood. With that record at hand the patient was then directed to a relevant specialist to examine, diagnose and treat the patient.

Young and old, male and female came out in their numbers to take advantage of the free clinic. “I am pleased with the response,’ said Chairman Glenn Ramadharsingh and lamented that “our medical institutions are collapsing with the influx of illegal immigrants and the increasing demand for social services.”

He continued: “This clinic is catering to the poorest of the poor who have been hit by five storms and a tropical depression last year and one major tropical depression this year. The Corporation is bussing people from Avocat, another district that was severely affected.”

Parbatie Ramlal and her son Suresh were at hand to access the services. Both of them are epileptic and expressed their gratitude for the services provided.  Raj Ramkissoon who suffered injuries to his head was also at hand to benefit from the free medical clinic. “I am so pleased with how doctors handle me. God bless their soul.”

Dr Ramadharsingh was high in praise of Brian Lushington who headed an NGO called Mission International. “When I was Minister of the People I facilitated the formation of Mission International. Mr Lushington has always been calling on me to access services and this round I requested medical assistance for the flood victims.”

In addition to the medical check-ups hampers were also distributed.  Evelyn, the head of International Medical Relief donated two wheel chairs purchased with her money for two children suffering from spinal disorder.

Woodland was affected with five feet of water after long spells of heavy showers. Councillor Doodnath Mayhroo was critical of Central Government for failing to clean water course. “The failure of the Minister of Works has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. It Is not fair that these people have to endure this hardships whenever rain falls,” Mayhroo lamented.

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