Photo : Vassan Ramracha AKA Swami Vaskanada

Dear Editor,

Mr  Devanan Bhagwan is a Guyanese Christian base in Canada and with White missionary frequently visits India to convert Hindus, and at the same time Mr Bhagwan wants predatory rights to his Hindu identity as most Christian  Indians. 


I refer to Devanand Bhagwan's letter of (28/9/2018) published in Guyana Times.


In Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname social CONSTRUCTS will always come into conflict with national unity and its developments. In time of war against an external enemy in plural society however most people become unified as in the case of America.


In Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname even national development is tainted by ethnic/race interests as in the case of Guyana and agricultural developments in Trinidad and which race should control state enterprises.

During election time in these three countries the social construct overrides national interests and the results displays ethnic divisions.


In Guyana, Trinidad and Surinam the African race is united more so than Indians who are divided along religious lines. Among Indians the Hindus have traditionally borne the burden of struggles and sacrifices to win gains which all other Indians enjoy.


Christians and Muslims Indians admired colonization-Arabs and Europeans - as opportunities for social elevation. Unless Indian politicians develop a political philosophy to unite all Indians in all three countries the Indian race will become irrelevant.


Regardless what Bhagwan thinks the idea of Hindutva is the best ideology to unite all Indians in Guyana, Trinidad and Suriname that will show respect for our diaspora narrative.


To define all Indians as Hindu, a name given by foreign invaders,is just making an ethnic statements. All Indians came from the same motherland and we share the same DNA with our Gods.


No people that do not respect their ancestral heritage will be leaders; they will remain followers.


The teacher at St. Augustine Girls High School who was intimidated by a Hindu student that was wearing a RAKHI reminded me that our colonial challenges are still with us.


It is regrettable that to elevate himself, the teacher at SAGHS had to ridicule a defenceless Form 1 HINDU student.


This teacher is a product of the colonial plantation society. Though the world had moved forward, this teacher has chosen to remain buried in that colonial past of prejudice. Such behaviour in today’s society is a cry out for psychological help. I hope that the principal can consider referring the free psychological counselling that the Ministry of Education offers to assist him with overcoming his fears and anxieties of a Hindu invasion of his school. I wish to allay his fears that Hindus have no such intention.


Vassan Ramracha - Swami Vaskanada.