Swami Vaskananda Speaks on … Time for Indians to hoist their flag

Swami Vaskananda Speaks on … Time for Indians to hoist their flag
Photo : Vassan Ramracha

The Charrandass Persaud vote in the Guyana Parliament have brought the African APNU/PNC and cockroach Indians party members crawling to his feet after his vote in the no confidence motion.

The ensuing uproar in the Guyana Parliament on 12/21/18] demonstrated the incivility of the PNC DNA and the cowardice of the cockroach Indians in the APNU government. African members of the PNC always have had the presumption and confidence to respond violently against Indians in Guyana without appropriate response from Indians

Throughout the history of Guyana Africans have bullied, intimidated, beaten, killed and burnt Indians houses and property to keep Indians in check politically with the blessing of some Indians.

Honorable Charrandass after 3 years realized he was in an African racist camp that was not doing anything for regions 5/ 6 and the majority of the 7000 laid off sugar workers.  He was governed by his dharmic culture to vote out the racist Granger government without any of his Indian comrades supporting him. Charrandass stood like a lion which in Hindi means Singh; that is why his name is now Charrandass Singh. Due to the numerous threats against his life he felt he had to retreat to Canada.  

History will remind us when PPP members like   Ranji Chandisingh and Vincent Teekah crossed over to join the PNC- Burhnam government those Indians had no fear for their lives. They were not threatened any way or form.

When Ramoutar PPP government had a one seat less minority government and lost to a PNC / APNU victory in 2015 the PPP members demonstrated peacefully with a cloud of violent Africans mocking them.

The African PNC members traditionally does not have the civility to accept peaceful transitions into government.

And it's up to the PPP party and the Indian race in Guyana to stop the presumptions of Black onslaught and privileges in Guyana. Additionally, the African APNU Party proved shared government will not work. It’s time Indians hoist their own flag.