That horrible ferry-crossing experience at Moleson Creek

That horrible ferry-crossing experience at Moleson Creek

Photo : Jai Sears

January 17, 2018

Dear Editor,

That horrible ferry-crossing experience at Moleson Creek

Before sunrise on Boxing Day, three friends and I left Skeldon in Guyana for the ferry to cross the river to Nickerie in Suriname.

We were in a joyful mood until our bad experience at the stelling [port] at Moleson Creek.

After we bought our tickets to board the vessel, we experienced an extremely long and enduring wait. At times, we were chased from one location and then herded into another to be processed.

There were crowds of people waiting without any instruction or supervision from the officers.

Elderly people, children, pregnant women and mothers with babies also had to bare the torment of standing in a chaotic environment. 

It was both mentally and physically punishing for all of us to stand for hours to board the ferry.  The torture deflated our high spirits.

No wonder some people choose to cross the river through the “back track.”

The authorities at Moleson Creek have to improve the system if they want to encourage passengers to travel so that they can earn revenue.

I would also like to suggest that a free Wi-Fi service be made available to ease the pain of waiting.

The Guyana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism should also learn from their counterparts in Suriname.

Their efficiency, courtesy, comfort and customer service were a little more tolerable.


Jai Sears

Grenada, Caribbean

Mobile: (473) 405-2921