The Hypocrisy of Sheikh Hosein

The Hypocrisy of Sheikh Hosein
Photo : Sheikh Imran Hosein

“If I were a Hindu, I would hate Islam,” said Sheikh Imran Hosein, a former Foreign Service Officer.

Sheikh Imran Hosein was presented in the online program Independent Thought & Freedom by Dr Kirk Meighoo.

Why should Hindus alone have a problem with Islam? Is the Sheikh saying that other parts of the non-Arab world that were converted to Islam at the point of the sword were different? Why is the Sheikh so patronizing to Hindus? What is his hidden agenda? But the Sheikh is predictable! It is an old strategy to   throw two fish as bait to catch a shoal. And that is exactly what the Sheikh has done so blatantly.

The Sheik, in his effort to mislead gullible Hindus, condemned the Ottoman rule and the Moghul rule in India as “imperialism.” That is no revelation! But why the concerns for the evils of Islam in India only and not Russia, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and so many parts of the world both past and present?

Why has the Sheik failed to condemn contemporary Islamist terrorist networks such as ISIS in the Middle East, Buko Haram in Nigeria, Hamas in Palestine or others terrorist outfits in Somalia, Kenya etc? And why he failed to condemn the mass murder of Hindus in Rakine state in Myanmar by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), a Begali terrorists army? It is the murderous act of ARSA in the Rakhine State of Myanmar that triggered the intervention of the Myanmar military to safeguard the rights of Hindus and Buddhists.

Why is Sheikh Imran Hosein not condemning the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorist network that operates in Pakistan that was responsible for the death of forty military officers in Pulwana, south Kashmir recently? I would have loved to hear the SHEIKH condemn the rape, loot and murder of Kashmiri Pandits and their expulsion- more than one-half million Pandits- from the Kashmir Valley. Today the Kashmiri Pandits are refugees in their own country!

But the Sheikh was only critical of the “dead Ottomans and Moghuls” to build a platform to attack the Modi administration and call for “addressing the predicament of Muslims in India and a war mongering Hindu government in India,” and went on to charge that the “government of India does not represent Hinduism but is destroying Hinduism….and taking Hindus for a ride.”  I want to state categorically that the Sheikh should have provided his listeners with a list of the evils of the Modi Government. Regrettably, he couldn’t because Muslims enjoy equal rights as citizens in India. Nevertheless, I would like to remind the Sheikh of his source of anger and disgust for the Modi government.

These are the Modi’s sins-:

1. The Taj Mahal is no longer promoted as the sole symbol of India in tourist brochures while thousands of other temples and sites are neglected;

2. That a Ram Temple must be built at the Ram Janmabhoomi or birth place of Lord Ram ;

3. The removal of state subsidy for Muslims on pilgrimage to Mecca;

4. That removal of a separate marriage code (triple talak) that allows Muslim males to divorce at will and move on to marry another spouse;

5. More fundamentally, that Muslims must enjoy equal rights and not privileges in a democracy like India;

 6. That Muslims must not have the right to pronounce fatwa or death threats and censure films, books and other cultural expressions that Muslims perceive as a threat to Islam.

I would have liked the learned Sheikh to address the plight of the Mohajirs in Pakistan who are still stateless after 70 years of independence. (Mohajirs are those Muslims who migrated from India in 1947 when partition took place.) The learned Sheikh should have enlightened his listeners on the plight of women, minority Sikh, Hindu and Christian populations.

Sheikh Imran Hosein is sounding alarm about the fate of Muslims in India. I want to allay his fears. The Muslim population in India continues to grow from 34 million in 1951 to 172 million in 2011. If Sheikh Imran Hosein wants to demonstrate genuine concerns for humanity, he should explain why 5,000 Hindus leave Pakistan for India annually. And why the Hindus in Bangladesh have been decimated to 9.2% in 2001 from 13.5% in 1974? And the decline continues rapidly! Sheikh Imran Hosein should take the liberty to talk about the daily kidnapping of Hindu girls and their forced conversion to Islam.

Sheikh Imran Hosein is being hypocritical by condemning Islam as imperialism. The tenets of Islam are intrinsically Arab imperialism. The one prophet in Mohammad and the one Holy site in Mecca make Islam an imperialist polity with the major objective to convert Dar ul Harb (Land of Non-Believers) to Dar ul Islam (Land of Believers).

But Sheikh Imran Hosein knows that it was India that blunted the Islamic sword. While Iran and other cultures fell to Islam in less than 20 years, India fought Islam for 1,000 years! Indian civilization survived not because of the generosity of Muslims but because of its fierce and heroic warriors in the likes of Guru Gobind Singh, Rana Partap, Shivaji and others. Today it is Narendra Modi who is responding to the Islamic aggressors and the good Sheikh has all right to hate him!

Sheikh Imran Hosein is an apologist for Islamic terror. His condemnation of the dead Moghuls and Ottomans is testimony to his blatant hypocrisy. If he wants to condemn the evils of Islam, he should have condemned JeM that operates out of Pakistan, that threatens to “bleed India with a thousand cuts.”