Time for Lok Jack to grow up!

Time for Lok Jack to grow up!
Photo : Arthur lok Jack

When Hitler spoke the Brown Shirts listened. They were the foot soldiers of the Nazi Party. Hitler identified the enemies-Jews, Communists, homosexuals, Roma. The Brown Shirts never asked questions. They did not have the intellectual capacity to question; they only knew how to execute the instructions given: kill, maim, destroy.

“Kamla thief all the money,” is resonating among PNM supporters. Like Hitler, Rowley know that “tell a big lie, repeat it again and again and it will be accepted as the truth.” This is being well done by the PNM and its cohorts including businessman Arthur Lok Jack.

The Germans were always envious of the Jews and they were happy to find some one to echo their sentiments. Hitler stemmed the threat of Communism and the industrialist class embraced him. He was doing their dirty work and they were quite ready to support his military expansion. They knew that it meant more opportunities to build war machineries, artilleries and guns. And the industrialist class prospered under Nazi rule.

The one percent are getting more than their fair share. And they are fortunate to have a Prime Minister in Rowley to give them an advantage. Their mortal fear of the Indians has brought them together in an unholy alliance that is falling apart with the demise of Petrotrin, a still born Sandals and the Dragon Field deal in limbo. It is like the wrath of Mother Kali has identified the 1% for destruction for their evil designs to suppress Her children. Ma Kali has promised that She would destroy the demons that make difficult the life of Her children; and She never failed in Her promise.

The destruction of two-third of the 9 million Jews in Europe cannot be repeated among the Indians in Trinidad and Guyana where the one percent is spreading their wings. Indian businesses in Guyana have survived the lean years under the Burnham-Hoyte era. Instead of emigrating these businesses were successful in entrenching themselves in the economy. Demerara Rum, for example, is the leading rum brand in the world and has cupped the top prizes in all major international competition.

Rowley and Lok Jack should thank their lucky stars that Sandals left. It is not the Opposition that has frustrated Sandals, causing them to scrap the deal. The reality is that Sandals was on its way out. All over the Caribbean, the leaders are viewing Sandals as a liability. Also, the revenues that Sandals once earned appears to be in decline.

More so, tourism has moved away from sand, sea and sun. People are moving into sports tourism as was witnessed recently in Australia where Indian tourists following the Indian crickets team boosted tourism revenue. Also, new destinations such as China, India, Dubai etc offer more diverse and competitive packages that include tours to ancient monuments, shopping malls, eating delectable meals at affordable costs.

Crime is a serious threat to tourists in the Caribbean. The entire Caribbean is plagued with criminal activities. With the demise of the Cold War and the US withdrawal of surveillance, troops and aid, the gangsters and warlords have taken control, making the Caribbean the highest crime region in the world. In Jamaica the outcome of a general elections is decided with guns, bullets and blood.

Arthur Lok Jack should have addressed the issue of Venezuela which is a never ending political, military and social problem. The US is not going to send its forces into Venezuela for them to experience another Vietnam. Maduro is not alone. He has the Cubans with him and personnel from other left leaning countries including Russia and China.

Instead of looking at Indians Lok Jack should focus on the fall off from the Venezuelan crisis. He should also worry about the 1% investments in Guyana which also has to contend with the Venezuela issue. The entire region is in upheaval and big players stand to lose big.

As for the Indians and farming Lok Jack is right. Indians are the ones that plant the land and I must congratulate him for making such a pronouncement. However, Lok Jack must be told that in this time Indians are growing food for themselves and not for sale to Sandals. And yes. It is only those who can grow foods that are going to survive. In this guava season the Indians can be most resourceful.

Fresh vegetables are always better than snacks loaded with preservatives, salt, and sugar and other harmful chemicals that contributes to high blood pressure, strokes, heart diseases, diabetes, blindness, kidney failure, etc. Our citizens need to launch a vicious appeal to the government to impose a tax on snacks which can be channeled to the health care system. In fact, the bombardment of children shows with unhealthy snacks is akin to child abuse and should be referred to legal minds for an opinion. Snacks are laying the foundation for diseases in our children.

Time to stop Arthur Lok Jack and his reckless and insensitive pronouncements! Time for Lok Jack to grow up!