Tribute to Honest Ed

Tribute to Honest Ed
Photo : Ramdath Jagessar

Ask who help me most

In this white man land

I will say until I dead

That man is Honest Ed.


Yes, Ed Mirvish with the store

On Bathurst and Bloor,

With 23,000 light and

Price just right for the poor

That was me when I reach Toronto.


Little factory work all I could get

Rent little basement near by Ed

Get my winter coat for that wicked breeze.

Mattress on the floor one whole year,

Cheap food, cheap pot and pan

Ed give me Christmas turkey party,

You see why I went to live by he.


Better than half them worthless Trini

Wouldn't give you hello

And some of them family

I help to send up before me

Run like mongoose when they see me

Like they fraid I want payback


I only wish that Ed Mirvish

Wasn't a Jew but a Hindu

So I could really say he

was my family.

Now he dead and gone

I  too moving on


No more factory work for me,

Real bed in me own house

Sometime I still go down

By the same old store down

There on Bathurst and Bloor

And buy a Christmas flower

Hang up on my door

To remember Honest Ed.


Now that I ain’t poor

I wish I could send a turkey

To my friend Ed

To where he gone

From Bathurst and Bloor.