Trini-born scientist donates two dinghies

Trini-born scientist donates two dinghies
Photo : Sally Radford

Trini-born scientist residing in the UK, Sally Radford, has purchased and shipped two dinghies to assist with evacuation of people in areas (Caroni Basin and Otoire Basin) that have been regularly under flood waters.

Ms Redford is the first Chemical Engineer in Trinidad and Tobago. In the 1960s she migrated to the UK where she worked in several research projects.

Ms Radford was born in Tunapuna in a Presbyterian family with strong cultural ties to her East Indian ancestry and community. She is a strong spokesperson for equal opportunity to all citizens of the State without prejudice and discrimination because of race, religion or ethnicity.

Ms Radford is appalled by the repeated failure of the ODPM and other agencies in its slow or none response to the plight of people in flood –stricken parts of the country.

Sally Radford wrote:

 “We are now shipping two lifeboat dinghies by air freight from UK, each with space for 5 persons, for flood relief in Mayaro-Rio Claro (Ortoire Basin) and Tunapuna-Piarco (Caroni Basin).

“Harrowing media reports of devastation and misery suggest a state of emergency is necessary to deal with existential threats from criminals, deadly reptiles and disease from rats and insects.”

She has outlined the cost of the boat below and is making an appeal to anyone who wishes to contribute toward this project by making donations to her account number at Republic Bank. 

 Cost of boats £300 (Amazon) and freight £400 (UPS) 

 £700 = TTD 7000

Dinghy donations towards the cost can be credited to my account

 160 115 445 801 at Republic Bank, UWI St Augustine. 

Sally Radford has sent copies of the recipients of the two dinghies and their addresses:

To Hon Prakash Ramadhar MP St Augustine

C.C. Rev Anthony Rampersad, Aramalaya Presbyterian Church, Tunapuna

St. Augustine Constituency, #1 Railway Road, Tunapuna


Sally wrote: “We are giving the courier the phone 645 6213.  Please also send a fax number as back up and a cell if outside working hours.  It should arrive in a few days.

We hope it will be used to assist flood victims especially in  Kelly, Warrenville, Oropune  and other devastated Caroni  towns.”

Sally Radford wrote to Councillor Glen Ram:

‘Many thanks for contact details.  The dinghy is being shipped from England and on its way to Mayaro-Rio Claro Regional Corporation, Rann’s Plaza, High Street, Rio Claro

We will give the courier the contact numbers:



Fax: 1-868-644-2796

Please also send a cell for outside working hours.

It should arrive soon to assist flood victims.

Best wishes.”