Trinidad and Tobago marks India's 70th Independence Day

Trinidad and Tobago marks India's 70th Independence Day

Port-of-Spain: The unfurling of the tri-colour flag on the grounds of India House was one of the highlights of the 70th India's anniversary of Independence witnessed by scores of nationals and locals today.

High Commissioner, Bishwadip Dey, read the newly-installed President Shri Ram Nath Kovind's message which was warmly received. Later on in the proceedings, students and tutors of the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Cultural Relations provided entertainment, including several of the established patriotic songs paying reverence to the late Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi.

Guests were treated to local cuisine "hot-on-the-spot" which included roti, melongene and tomato choka.

Several of the Indian-diaspora radio stations beamed several songs which were the highlights of India's pre and post-Independence Day.

Congratulations poured in from several dignitaries, and the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC), the epicentre of Indian culture, hailed the peaceful way in which President Kovind was elected.

Surujdeo Mangaroo, public relations officer, spoke of the part played by the several Indian musical and entertainment troupes which are constantly on platforms of this country's cultural heritage.

"India, Trinidad and Tobago relations continue to move from strength to strength with the series of bilateral visits to both nations," he said.

Mangaroo highlighted the first visit by the late Shrimati Indira Gandhi in 1968, and an earlier one by this country's first Premier Dr Eric Williams, noting that since then both countries continue to knit each other in several programmes of economic, cultural, trade and developmental issues.

"The people of both nations continue to share communal relationships as every year hundreds of tourists from across the Indian diaspora, including India, visit the annual Divali Nagar, which precedes the annual Divali, the Festival of Lights," Mangaroo said.