“We protect our own”

“We protect our own”

The PNM has always boasted that it protects its own. This may be commendable but inherent in such a statement is the promotion of affirmative action, nepotism, corruption, crime and everything that is not good for the progress of any individual, group or country. This adage “we protect our own” explains the reason why the performance of PNM Governments from 1956 to present has been so dismal compared to the NAR (1986-91) and the UNC (1995-2001) and (2010—2015).

This attitude of arrogance and stupidity is being played out in the Camp Cumuto fiasco where the Attorney General did not accept, initially, that the children seen in pictures handling weapons were his. He talked around the problem and more sinister is the fact that the Prime Minister and the entire government rose in defence of this blunder caused by Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.

What is even more ugly about this PNM culture to “protect our own” is the recent release of a report by the Acting Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) stating that the former CDS Kenrick Maharaj granted permission to the Al-Rawi kids on his “own volition” to train with weapons. Now that the former CDS has applied under the Freedom of Information Act for a copy of the report and is threatening legal action to clear his name, it would be interesting to hear the response of Prime Minister Rowley. Would he now say that the former CDS is turning the court to a “playing field?”

Why is the CJ not being disciplined for his mishandling of the appointment of the Marcia-Ayers Caesar to the High Court after the Law Association and public opinion are calling for his resignation? Again, we are witnessing the entire PNM fraternity coming out to “protect its own.” (It is not Chief Justice Sat Sharma in office but our own and we have a fraternal duty and instinct to protect him.) More interestingly is the flouting of the constitution to protect the members of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission. It would be interesting to await the ruling of the Law Lords in this matter.

Media houses have packed their newspapers with columnists and reporters to “protect our own.” This blatant dilution of truth “to protect our own” compromises many men and women of letter. In the midst of this debacle one was not surprised to read the headline “Judge Exposed” in a daily paper yesterday. This sideshow only reveals the extent the PNM fraternity is willing to go to destroy those who are not their own.

“Protect our own” has infiltrated to all walks of life. It is the PNM’s anthem and it is exercised to the maximum in all walks of life including the school system where a few children would never take instructions from some teachers and openly insult them.

It is argued that you can take a man out of the gutter but you cannot take the gutter out of him. It can also be said that a man can be taken out of sugar-cane fields, even shut down the industry but you cannot take slavery out of him. Trinidad and Tobago may be living in the 21 century but psychologically and socially we are in living in the 18th century. No wonder so many of us continue to have such liking for an offal diet while a few continue to enjoy the choicest parts but we like it so. How long are party fanatics going to be contented with a box of chicken and chips in one hand and waving a flag in the other?

In this light one must empathise with Shamfa and Daryl. They are “icons” of our deprived masses who have to abuse the system to have a nice time. The PM was the only one to protect them and no one else because he is from Mason Hall, Tobago. He understands very well the need to “protect our own.”