What really Caused Charandass to vote out the Gov't in Guyana?

What really Caused Charandass to vote out the Gov't in Guyana?
Photo : Charandass Persaud
RACISM - UNDER PNC - ALWAYS OPERATED LIKE A DEEP STATE FACTOR, and it was one of several factors that forced Charandass Persaud to vote out out the government much to the chagrin of his colleagues 
People like Charandass worked to build racial harmony in the country. Instead, the country became more racially polarized over the last three and a half years. Indians and Amerindians were replaced by supporters of the PNC. Those who supported the AFC and change in 2015 became very disappointed.
PNC being the dominant partner in the Coalition sees itself like the old PNC - and usurped power. From Day one, it never operated like a Coalition.
PNC carried out several defined policies to:
(1) resuscitate and rejuvenate the Old PNC. All old PNC stalwarts were recalled and given high-paying positions and expensive perks. The most glaring example was to enact a special law to give Hamilton Green a pension of USD 5,000 a month for service rendered in the 1960's. This was so outrageous - it was a blatant misuse of the national treasury. And, the AFC stood by and never objected to this outrage - and instead voted for everyone of these PNC aggrandizement bills. It was the singular issue mentioned by Charandass that impelled him to cast his conscience vote to bring down the govt. 
(2) Another egregious example: an 87-year-old man was plucked from retirement and appointed head of the Elections Board - and given a salary of USD 10,000 a month. Only Africans and ex-PNC folks were getting these jobs. PNC had a policy of retiring people past 70-years-old, but made an exception for 87-year-old Patterson. This was so exceptionally outrageous - and the AFC never objected to it. 
(3) Another terrible outrage - the Drug Bond. It was not a drug bond but a house rented for an outrageous sum of money. And, despite all the objections, the Coalition govt refused to terminate the contract until huge sums of money were paid. It was such a blatant scam. Again, the AFC never objected to it.
(4) Another outrage: 115 persons were appointed to Executive positions. 85% were Africans; 15% were Indians. AFC never acted to stop this outrage. 
(5) Dr Ramayya worked for AFC, appointed to Regional council. Racism as the Deep State forced him to resign. AFC never stood up to defend Ramayya. (Ramayya was assaulted by an African man - in everyone of these incidents, AFC never spoke up).
Racism - always a deep state factor in the bureaucracy - was rejuvenated under the Coalition govt. AFC did nothing to stop it. It appears AFC was emasculated to the point it became a powerless place-holder.
These were some of the things that Charandass could not stomach. It was inevitable that Charandass, affected deeply with these outrages of the PNC/Coalition govt and the impoverishment of the Sugar Belt would have voted his conscience to end the life of the PNC/AFC govt