Why I support Sat

Why I support Sat
Photo : Sat Maharaj

Who is to determine that Sat speech amounted to a hate speech? As far an I am concerned it was a factual speech. Nevertheless, it is for the courts to determine what is a hate speech. The public trial that is happening is most disgraceful. What is even more shocking is the descent of Kamla Persad-Bissessar to the arena with Watson Duke and Keith Rowley “to pelt stones” at Sat.

It is my firm view that TT is not a society that allows law and order to prevail. What I am witnessing is a culture of abuse and violence. I would not be surprised that in the near future some of our politicians shut down the judiciary and appoint themselves judges to persecute and execute enemies. They may even appoint themselves as the hangman! After all, what else can they do!

The character of the individual who is in office or striving for political office is one who never had a career. Armed with a degree he believes that he has the wherewithal to rule and make pronouncements on every issue under the sun, even threatening to usurp the role of judges. And his sole strategy to survive in the politics is to lick the boots of the political leader. They are more like eunuchs in a harem, performing the most shameless acts to eat chapati. Not surprisingly, they always take the easy way out-stand with the crowd.

Several individuals who call themselves politicians don’t have a parrot on a stick. In fact, they are in politics not to serve but to be served. They are unlike Sat Maharaj, the Secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, leading the most powerful NGO in the country.

Sat Maharaj is the de facto Hindu leader of the Hindu community in Trinidad and Tobago. There are other leaders but they are inconsequential. They are too coward to lead, and hence they have few followers. In fact, when there is a crisis in the Hindu community these leaders are not to be seen and heard.

The Maha Sabha’s Lakshmi Girls’ College has won the President’s medal for four consecutive years. No other education board has achieved this feat. This is phenomenal with the wider society grudgingly acknowledging.

When the history of education is written it must be told that the first Prime Minister and Father of the Nation referred to the Maha Sabha’s schools as cowshed and immediately stopped the Maha Sabha’s school building programs. More than a dozen schools that were more than 75% completed never saw the light of day!

Nevertheless, Balgobin Ramdeen revealed in his book Tales Untold an incident when Dr Eric Williams, on a Tour of the Nation, visiting a school in Tamana enquired ‘why the school opposite was shut’ and was told that that was ‘one of the SDMS school that was never opened.’ There and then the Prime Minister gave instructions for the opening of the schools.

In 1988 the El Dorado North Hindu School was opened. The Minister of Education was Clive Pantin and the government in power was the NAR under the leadership of ANR Robinson. The next time the Maha Sabha got additional schools was in 1995-2001 when Kamla Persad-Bissessar was Minister of Education and Basdeo Panday was Prime Minister. The UNC under Prime Minister Panday built schools for all. One of the schools that was built then was the Biche High School. Under the guise of natural gas underground posing health hazard, the Manning administration did not open the school. It was 10 years later, that is 2011, with the return to power of the UNC that the Biche High School was opened. So far there has been no disruption of classes by gas leaks!

The Rowley government has returned the country to 1956. Moneys are not being released to complete so many schools across the country. Many schools in south and central Trinidad are abandoned by this Rowley administration. The Presayl Government Primary School is overrun with bushes like the Ramai Trace Hindu and the Rousillac Hindu schools. For the past three years these schools are housed in community centers. The Reform Hindu is 95% completed but would not be handed over to the Maha Sabha. Many of the contractors who built those schools are owed with no effort on the path of the Minister of Finance to pay them. Instead, the government has chosen to label them as corrupt.

The Rowley administration found money for Brian Lara Stadium, Diego Martin Stadium and to rectify an ongoing disaster called the Tobago Sea Bridge. Yet, the government cannot locate a few millions to complete a few schools where children’s future is at risk.

Sat Maharaj does not have the character to stuff his mouth with chapati when there is injustice. I support Sat and regret that many have chosen to interpret his remarks as generating hate. Such interpretation should be left for the courts. If Watson Duke believes that Sat is wrong, then he should take Sat to court instead of threatening to “pelt plane with stones.”