Why only Hindus have to defend Indian rights?

Why only Hindus have to defend Indian rights?

Photo : Vassan Ramracha

It’s amazing to me how Muslims and Christian Indians from Trinidad who came from indentured ancestors choose  not to heed the call of Indian oppression in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana and other parts of the diaspora. They seem only willing to extend themselves and their support to fight against Muslim oppression in the Middle East while Christian Indians will join “the war” of converting Hindus and making sure they get “nailed to the cross.” The fight to protect the rights of the Indian community in Trinidad and Tobago and other West Indian countries like Guyana has always been the burden of the Hindu Indian. Why? Why is it only the Hindu community and Hindu organizations must be stretched and stand alone to protect Indians physically, legally, politically, culturally and economically? It is only Hindu leaders like Sat Maharaj and mostly Hindu activists who will take to a podium to talk about Indian oppression. It is only the Hindus by and large who will speak up on behalf of the entire Indian race and the challenges they face. It is only the Hindu community who will face aggression and most of the persecution, get called racist while the others shamelessly receive their two slices of bread from the PNM party.

It is easier for Muslims like Sheikh Imran Hosein of Trinidad, Dr. Shabir Ally of Guyana and Christian Indian leaders to only speak on behalf of their own religion which most of the time serves other ethnic populations. Muslim Trinidadians only come out to protest for people in Gaza. Why are they cannot protest for all the Indians whose houses and businesses are getting burnt and the people who are getting beaten up in Guyana during elections?  Why is it these Indians look the other way and only cry when Islam is involved? Are Indian Muslims not people too? Muslims and Christian Indians call for Islamic and Christian global unity, but not for Indian unity; that is always left up to the Hindus. And on top of it they will spit in the face of Hindus whose organizations extend their hands to protect the whole Indian population and not just Hindus. For all the talk about Sat Maharaj and his ways of speaking boldly, people like him to speak on behalf of all Indians all the time and not just Hindus. Why it is the Hindu who speaks for Indian ethnic rights? Indian religion protects its own, it will naturally.

        I am writing this because recently I saw Sheikh Imran Hosein calling out India for not being secular enough and that Muslims must beware of the pact between India, America, Israel and the rise of the Hindu right. I will soon do a follow up letter on the so-called “Hindu right” but for now let the question remain- why is it only Indian Hindus must defend Indian-ism and all Indians? Why don’t Muslim and Christian Indians defend the Indian race and Indian culture too? Don’t settle for slices of bread take the whole loaf!


Sita Ram Jai Trinidad

Vassan Ramracha