The Dulalchans are Unstoppable!

V. S. Naipaul’s Willie Chandran joined the Naxalite movement in eastern Indian and took up arms against the state. His sister Sarojini married a German film maker, much older than her and engaged in making films on revolutionary movements across the world.

The Dulalchans are Unstoppable!

Photo : deodath dulalchan

V. S. Naipaul’s Willie Chandran joined the Naxalite movement in eastern Indian and took up arms against the state. His sister Sarojini married a German film maker, much older than her and engaged in making films on revolutionary movements across the world.

Willie and Sarojini were the children of a Brahmin father and a Dalit mother. The father, wanting to challenge caste prejudice, reached out to a Dalit girl and when the parent of the girl learned of what was happening, the Brahmin youth ran away with the girl.

‘Magic Seeds’ and its sequel ‘Half a Life’ make useful reading. It is the story of miscegenation that is relevant to our history. While I don’t understand why Naipaul chose the name Magic Seeds, he was most apt in using the title “Half a Life,” because children of miscegenation are lost with no direction. Like an innocent babe torn from its mother, these children of miscegenation are torn from the civilization or what I would call dharma or way of life.

If the Indians and the Hindus in particular are making any progress it is mainly because they have been able in one way or the other to successfully retain their cultural moorings so far. Today that success is being challenged by conversion to other faiths and a culture of creolization. If these two arch rivals to the Hindu existence and progress are not challenged and neutralized we are going to be destroyed as a nation.

The success of the Jewish people is overwhelming. In every aspect of life from finance and film making to academia and revolution the Jewish people were always at the fore. The Russian revolution was highly influenced by the brilliance of the Jews and was personified in Leo Trotsky who provided the intellectual substance for the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The field of scientific research was synonymous with the Albert Einstein, a Jew.

Hindus are another success story. This is best demonstrated today among the Indian immigrants in the USA. They are welcomed by successive governments and are well known for their high level of productivity, strong family life and law and order. They are not among those immigrants that the President Trump referred to as coming from “shitholes” countries. Grounded in their dharma Hindus are an asset to whichever country they have adopted as their homeland.

Mongrel culture and nation are a result of invasion and colonisation. The arrivals of the enemies forced others who were defeated by arms into accepting their way of life. Many willingly lied on their backs and opened their legs to welcome their liberators.  In Rajastan, India, the Hindu women burnt themselves to death on hearing the news that their King was defeated in battle and never allowed their bodies to be raped and desecrated. The majority of Indians were not ready to surrender to the foreign culture. Not surprisingly, after ruling parts of India for almost 700 years, Islam did not convert more that 12% of the population. The British, after ruling for 300 years were able to convert a mere 1% of the population.

Our schools are centres of human derelicts. Rudderless, children are showing little or no interest in learning. They lack the culture of discipline, the pre-requisite for learning to take place. Students are disrespectful to teachers.  They no longer ask permission to leave the classrooms. They walk about the compound and no one dare challenge them!

Why this culture of rebelliousness? Willie Chandran joined the Naxalite movement to fight for land reform. His sister went around the world with an old man making revolutionary films. Deep in the psyche of these Willie Chandrans is displacement or a lack of identity. They were despised by their very own for their weakness and vacillation, and how much creolised they may wish to be, they would not be trusted and accepted as equals by their masters. They live in in no man’s land and they hate themselves. Their psychological condition is such that if they decide to know who they are, they would not know where to start searching.

The emergence of Deodath Dulalchan as the top candidate for the position of CoP is not coincidental. In most interviews it is always going to be a Dulalchan at the top. This is reflected in the results of national examinations at the SEA, CSEC, CAPE and tertiary level. Individuals who are grounded in their dharma or way of life are always going to move forward and up. No amount of ranting and raving by Reginald Dumas and Martin Daly is going to stop the Dulalchans of this country. I know it is a bitter pill for Dumas and Daly to swallow. Professor Selwyn Ryan has seen the rise of the Dulalchans as the inevitable future for T&T. I hope those two guardians of our constitution can find solace in Rayan’s conclusion if only for their peace of mind and a safe departure to the hereafter. Both gentlemen have served this nation well and I truly wish that their anxieties would be put to rest!

The Dulalchans of this world have cultural capital-12,000 years of culture and history. They are the proud inheritors of the Vedas and so many streams of knowledge and arts that the world is now embracing. Such people with such self-confidence are unstoppable. No Dumases or Dalys should be foolish enough to stand on their path!

This is the era of the Dulalchans and the Dumas and the Daly have to accept and live with it. There is no other way forward for T&T. We cannot move back to the era of the mule cart, dancing cocoa and sipping mauby. Those days have long gone! The Dulalchan era has arrived! It is already amongst us and the Dumases and the Dalys have to learn to live with it.