The Indian response to racism-“Me chile is a dactar.”

Indians have no reason to complain about racial discrimination! In T&T Indians are allowed to win scholarships. Indians can earn as many cars as they wish or live in big mansions. However there are ceilings that they must not go beyond.

The Indian response to racism-“Me chile is a dactar.”

Indians have no reason to complain about racial discrimination! In T&T Indians are allowed to win scholarships. Indians can earn as many cars as they wish or live in big mansions. However there are ceilings that they must not go beyond. Kamalludin Mohammed’s aspiration to serve as Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was outrages! He was an excellent Deputy Political Leader and acting Prime Minister but just not ready for PM. He was a brilliant Minister of Health, Minister of Local Government and Minister of Foreign Affairs. After the collapse of the West Indian Federation Kamal initiated Carifta which blossomed into Caricom. Why the aspiration for Prime Minister?

Photo : Kamalludin Mohammed

Again, deputy Commissioner of Police Deodath Dulalchan must know his place! Everyone agrees that he is doing an excellent work as a deputy Commissioner. Again, his aspiration to be Commissioner is outrageous. He can have house party every weekend with all the scotch and vodka, all the meats including scarlet ibis, tattoo, lappe, goat and duck.  His wife can travel  to North America, visit Disneyland and shop, return to Trinidad brag about the places she visited with her relatives, friends and  neighbours  for months, his sons can buy cars and engage in drag racing if they wish, he can even earn a piece of state land but to aspire to be Commissioner ! That is a being rude! Dulalchan must know his place! Has he not learned from Sat Sharma? Sharma was an excellent member of the bench but he got too big for his pants!

Indians have accepted their woeful position in this country. They know that political power is not theirs and many avoid challenging the system. They understand that it is easier for their daughter to win an open scholarship and qualify as a medical doctor than aspire for political power. Black youths understand that there are jobs reserved for them in the police, army, prison and coast guards. They don’t have to study hard!  If they don’t have the academics an interview can be arranged and when your father is Edmund Dillon you can be made a captain in the Defence Force overnight and collect $25,000 per month in salary plus perks.

Anyone including Angelique Bart can wake up in the morning and insult Indians without any consequences! Angelique Bart’s fixation on the ‘doubles vendor selling 200 doubles at $5 each in five minutes’ is a racist attack on the Indian population. Why the stress on doubles? Why did Ms Bart fail to include bake and shark, crab and dumpling, corn soup and gyro?

Ms Bart has simply continued where others have started. When doubles vendors planned on raising the price of a doubles from $4 to $5 there was a hue and cry. The same can be said when chicken price rises. Why the fixation on doubles and chicken? Why not Gyro? Why not the fast food franchises?  Are Indians  the boboolees in this country!

Recently the PM distributed HDC houses at Real Spring, South Valsayn and not an Indian family was among the recipients. Real Spring is a 22 acres development with 408 dwelling units. However, when the PM in his capacity as Minister of Housing and Urban Development distributed houses at Real Spring in its first phase there was not a single Indian among the recipients. Is this not a case of segregation in housing? The action of the HDC bore resemblance to apartheid South Africa. I sincerely hope that this PM would find his equity cap and ensure that fairness and ethnic plurality prevails in the distribution of HDC houses.

“Indian poverty” in Trinidad and Tobago is being made invisible. The media highlights the urban slums such as East Port of Spain, Beetham and Sea Lots but ignores the suffering of citizens in other parts of the country. It appears that it is a deliberate policy of the PNM to fool the population that only blacks are poor in Trinidad. Throughout Trinidad and Tobago poor Indians are left to struggle with no help from the government. Even the food cards, the URP and the CEPEP are being taken away from them and given to the visible black urban slums.

Indians in the rural district eke out a living farming the land. However, the policy of this PNM government is to destroy agriculture. We recently witnessed the destruction of the nurseries at St Joseph to make way for housing for voter padding! This is the priority of the PNM-to win the next General Elections, not to develop agriculture despite the fact that Clarence Rambharrat, a Brahmin, presides over the ministry. It was the same Clarence Rambharrat that did the ground work for the closure of Caroni Ltd.

Why is Dr Lester Henry still sitting as a government senator? Was he not charged for drunk driving? Is it one standard for the PNM and another for the UNC? Collin Partap was dismissed to satisfy the high standard of the PNM in opposition and the demands of the Afro Saxon Judeo Christian cult that monopolises the moral values of the society. This cult berated Kamla’s drinking escapades but turned a blind eye to Dr Keith Rowley wining on a teenager in a Carnival band on High Street, San Fernando. Even the then Catholic Archbishop who was vociferous against immorality in public life was silent. Such bias and prejudice in high offices!

The latest attack on the Indian population is the firing of lecturers at UTT. Africans and Indians are 70% and 30% of the teaching staff respectively. Yet, the firing of the staff is 70% Indians and 30% Africans. Many of the dismissed lecturers described their dismissal as ethnic cleansing. More than that is that many of dismissed staffers have more than 10 years of service with UTT and by that fact are automatically permanent employees.

More needs to be known about the E-Teck Park at Tamana. Why was $323m transferred from UTT to Tamana? Even Professor Clem Imbert, Acting Chairman of UTT, was not clear on how the sum was spent when he was questioned about it on Power 102.1 FM last Friday morning. It is now clear that the wastage and mismanagement at Tamana that has UTT in the present crisis. So much for Ken Julien and his genius!

Worse is that the issue of race is swept beneath the carpet. The findings of the Center of Ethnic Studies headed by Professors John La Guerre and Selwyn Ryan are yet to be implemented. Silence and burying one’s head in the sand is not going to bring about equity in the distribution of state resources. It is only by struggle and confrontation of issues in the public domain that change would emerge.

But Indians have learnt how to fight this racist PNM government-buy the latest model car, take out a huge mortgage, party to the max in the most elite clubs dressed in the latest brands and push your child to win a scholarship and graduate as a ‘dactar.’ This is the Indian response to racism-“Me chile is a dactar.”