In the West Indian countries (Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname etc.) winning the political “war” is all about having a numerical advantage which can win the electorate given that the voting system is fair in many of these countries.


Photo : Vassan Ramracha

In the West Indian countries (Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname etc.) winning the political “war” is all about having a numerical advantage which can win the electorate given that the voting system is fair in many of these countries. In Trinidad and Guyana most black political activists, leaders and historically black-based parties encourage black migrants from within the Caribbean to settle and assimilate in Trinidad to encourage an easy victory at the polls. According to some of the latest Trinidad census, Indians in Trinidad make up 35.4% with Hindus once being around 250, 760 with a sudden drop towards 240,100 which shows a decline of 4.3%. Most of this is due to the predatory Abrahamic religions and their conversion practices. They claim one love and brotherhood, but conversion is a death bell and cultural genocide for any people so the hypocrisy speaks for itself. Mixed race people of African and Indian descent are known as Douglas constituting 7.7% and non-dougla mixed race people are 15.3% of the population. Therefore the mixed populations in Trinidad alone are about 22.8, while the African Trinidad population is around 34.2%.

While I am not a scholar of statistics, they are certainly alarming and I do hope some of our Indian intellectuals can do justice with these figures. Now if the Indian population in Trinidad and Guyana has a numerical advantage, then why is it that Indians especially in Trinidad only won elections two times since 1956? I am not ignorant of the fact and one must be very cognizant that in Guyana and even historically in Trinidad Blacks have won elections many times by their political constructs such as building vote banks, inviting other Caribbean populations to get citizenship, constructing housing developments in historically Indian areas and filling it with their voters, and the general gerrymandering and rigging elections. My point is, given free and fair elections Indians are still unable to win an election in spite of their numerical advantage in Trinidad (35.4) and Guyana (39.8%) [2012 census].

One of the problems is that Indians- for example in Guyana- have no sense of political understanding or direction, and therefore a good number, a possible 10% of Indians voted for the black-based party PNC with some questionable actions of the polling stations and voting manoeuvres in the 2015 elections. In Trinidad 2015 elections Indians lost by 4 seats, why? In Trinidad the numerical advantage is not the only key to winning an election when the Indian race is producing politically inferior, colonized, hegemonic products.

The Indians in Trinidad are so divided with many of our leaders having no sense of political direction thanks to our 50 years of socialist donkey doctrine by our own Indian donkey politicians and intellects. The Muslim Indians have allegiance firstly to Middle Eastern tribal wars and fighting for Gaza rights than even bothering with Muslim Indians getting beaten in Guyana. The Christian Indians are happy to spend their time converting Hindus for their colonial slave masters. Once again Hindus are left to protect the Indian race in all its aspects minus our own Hindu dodo-head population that are somehow convinced that the “one love, brotherhood” concept will actually be applied to them if they vote for the PNM.. That has proven time and again to be a failure. As long as the Hindus and/or the Indian population are on the decline more and more Indians will decline politically which will affect the whole Indian race socially, politically, culturally and economically.

As stated in one of my previous articles it is mainly the Hindu population that have maintained Indian culture. Without the Hindu input Indian culture will decline, Indian-ism will decline. Hinduism is the life-blood of Indian culture and the predatory religions know that. Let me put it another way. It’s like a Mexican Christian saying that he’s proud to be Native American and of his heritage, but given that Christianity has him occupied with protesting for Jerusalem half way around the planet he doesn’t have time to devote to his own people and cause, not even Mexican Christian cause. The only way for a Mexican to realize his full potential is to once again take up his Mayan and Aztec roots. People are having an identity crisis around the world but most people are just blaming race, that is, the white man. The man was colonized and enslaved too. Most of our problems go back to the Abrahamic colonial mind. The following is prescribed for Indians and especially for Hindus. In order to survive politically and culturally Hindus must have a birth rate of an average of 2.11 births per woman. In fact, to be safe we must make it 3-5 children. According to kgbanswers records & statistics, Huffington post and other sources, a rate lower than 2.11, the Hindus/Indians will not survive culturally. Most Hindus who can afford to have at least 4 kids will be able to keep Hindu Dharma and the Indo-Aryan race alive! 

Most Indian business people and the middle class Indians should start initiatives and incentives to improve and increase the population of the Indian race in Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad. Offer to provide assistance to less wealthy Indians to provide and educate more children. Political power is protection for the Indian race, culture, family, properties and businesses.  Those who have the resources to propagate responsibly should do so.  For those who will complain of scientific stuff like overpopulation of the planet etc. only to keep Hindus debating and guessing until it’s too late I say practice what you preach. Stop converting Hindus so we have no reason to produce more and further more you keep your population at 1.1 kids and show us barbarians how it’s done! Our race and religion depends [ albeit ] on our Indian women’s keeping the status quo of 2.11 fertility rate and above for our ethnic Hindu/Indian survival. This must be done until the Hindu/Indian  mentality has evolved from a political Homo Erectus state to Homo Sapiens, become untied, organized, start implementing institutions and methodology designed to be a barrier to the political and academic brainwashing against Hinduism and the Indian race.  

Dhanyavaad       [   SITA RAM ]

Vassan Ramracha.