Wishing Indians in the PNM Luck

Raffique said that Hardeo Hardath, the MP for Nariva, only opened his mouth in Parliament to yawn. Hardath came to Parliament in 1971 when there was a no-vote campaign by the DLP and the PNM won all seats.

Wishing Indians in the PNM Luck
Photo : Minister Rohan Sinanan

Raffique said that Hardeo Hardath, the MP for Nariva, only opened his mouth in Parliament to yawn. Hardath came to Parliament in 1971 when there was a no-vote campaign by the DLP and the PNM won all seats.

Also elected to Parliament in 1971 was Balraj Deosaran, another enigmatic character. It was said that a Bill was being debated to put more buoys in the sea. Deosaran became worried and during the break asked Kamal “how can we put boys in the sea when big big men drowning?”

Hardeo Hardath died in 2012 and the PNM blanked his funeral. Constituents and relatives were hurt at this display of ingratitude of the PNM. But that is the nature of the beast! The PNM is a machinery; it has no heart! Its sole purpose is to win elections and serve the interest of its financiers.

But Hardeo Hardath was able to unmask the PNM. He complained that his constituents and party members as well did mot get the attention they deserved from the PNM. These remarks irked the leadership of the PNM, thus explaining the action of the PNM to blank Hardath’s funeral.

I never heard Hardath speak in Parliament. His presence in the back bench with his dark shades and not uttering a word made him an iconic figure. Was Hardath that “dumb?” Or was it a ploy of the PNM to label and humiliate the people of Nariva and its MP as idiots? Hardath was an insurance consultant. It would mean that he had professional knowledge and experience in the field of insurance. But this is the manner the PNM treats with people like Hardath.

Kamal was a restauranteur when he came into contact with Dr Eric Williams.  Dil Bahar, a popular restaurant in Queen Street, Port of Spain had many customers including Dr Eric Williams.  Self-thought, Kamal never wasted his time partying.  Kamal was an elected councilor in 1953 before he met Williams in 1954 and the formation of the PNM in 1956.

Despite that critical role he played in the development of the country between 1956 and 1986, Kamal has not been given the honor he deserves. Not a public building has been named in his memory. What was most disheartening was the refusal of the hospital administration at Mt Hope Hospital (built under his watch) to provide an ambulance service to take him to his home in San Juan.  

The PNM has not fooled the Indian population. Even Hardeo Hardath saw through the mirage and smoke of the PNM. Regretfully, many do not learn from the past and like the moth are destined for destruction.

Occah Seepaul was elected Speaker of the House and was subsequently put under house arrest. Her brother Ralp Maraj defected to the UNC and today fighting tooth and nail the Rowley administration.

Despite these bitter experiences in the past and the short political shelf life of Indians in the PNM, this political juggernauth continues to mesmerize the opportunists. Eating, drinking and accumulating appears to be the sole purpose of being in the PNM. Unlike Kamal Mohammed and Errol Mahabir who became legends by their competence to manage efficiently their ministries and serve their constituents, the MPs of today are there to serve themselves.

Agriculture and health are the worst managed ministries. Clarence Rambharath was responsible for the closure of Caroni (1975) Limited but has failed so far to develop a single aspect of agriculture. The same can be said for health care. Terrence Deyalsingh will go down in history as the worst Minister of Health in the country. Despite this colossal failure Deyalsingh continues to crow like a cock in a backyard.

I must congratulate Avinash Singh (Potato Raja). He is not letting down on his planting spree. Acres upon acres of lands are being placed under the plough for cultivation. And Rohan Sinanan is busy building and repairing roads not just prattling like Deyalsingh and Rambharath.

Nevertheless, Indians in the PNM are riding a tiger. While they smile and appear to be happy, they need to know that they are on a journey to hell. But there is risk in every action undertaken and no thanks in the end. Hardath and Kamal did not get it. Occah experienced house arrest but got Baba’s darshan in the end. Only time will reveal what is in store for them. I wish them well.