Celebrating Pitri Paksh – our foreparents

Celebrating Pitri Paksh – our foreparents
Photo : Vassan Ramracha

Dear Editor,

Pitri Paksh is one of the most auspicious Hindu periods revered in the Hindu calendar. On this day all Hindus show our ancestors respect and remembrance for their labours and sacrifices made to build our nations so all can live comfortably in the New World.

This is not a day of mourning as Hinduism has no such festivals but of celebration for our ancestors’ achievements and their remembrance. Our foreparents went against great odds living in a hostile environment but braved those odds so that their children can live in peace and prosperity. While we do jal, aarti, and other offerings in respect for our departed ancestors, we too must make commitments to them so that their sacrifices will not be in vain and this present generation will continue to be politically and culturally strong.

We have not only inherited their wealth of achievements but, an obligation to carry on and protect what they brought with them to these new lands.



Vassan Ramracha / Swami Vaskanada.